Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our 2nd baby Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara

I would like to share a few pix from our 2nd baby, Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara aka baby hanie
Fresh from oven - 1 hr after delivery

with her kakak Lissa

Sorry for the blurry pix - seriously surprised when suddenly hanie smiled at me!

mata bulat-bulat! 5 days old

me, bf-ing hanie while waiting for our 1st checkup at Salam Med. Center.
two thumbs up for the very comfortable nursing room :)

Lissa was running inside the room and playing with the curtain while waiting..

Kakak Lissa - posed for her Abah at Salam

Hanie @ 2-weeks old - strong enuff to held her head

That's all for now. a very super short updates - while Hanie still sleeping, and Lissa still at her babysitter's :)


~dila~ said...

airin, dah balik shah alam ekk... nanti kalo free dis weekend aku gi visit k... nanti aku contact ko...btw, ko pun dah kurus (sbb ko mmg kurus dari dulu pung)

airin diana said...

a ah. dah ade kt shah alam. bleh dtg.. tp gtau in advanced tau. sbb umah aku mmg mcm tongkang pecah.haha. this wknd plak aku sorang tgal dgn lissa n bb.x tau mcmn rupanye nanti.
aku dah kurus? huhu.. ilusi optik je gmbr tuh.hehe.. ade 4-5 inch to go.nyeh nyeh

m@Ri@ said...

yeay baby hanie dah keluar..oh my turn lambat lg..takuut..huhu..

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