Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another bimmer in the group!

Congratulations to Najiha for her new baby bimmer!

She's another glampreneurs who got her dream car.

young and rich impian jadi kenyataan
Her dream comes true
Through the business you are given a lot of opportunities. A lot of benefits. which i personally believe only in the business, you;ll get the rewards these much. Not only through company, through the group as glampreneurs. With the Free trips back to back, fund for dream car, unlimited bonus through performance by group.. with the group, our hanis haizi never fail to motivate her business partners, with the 100G rewards, DDM level, Car fund achiever and many more. Rewards of emilio pucci, kate spade, chanel, prada and many designers handbags, ipad cover, pouch, wristlets, watches for men and many many others.

Cant wait for the time when i achieve the rewards.

Dream Car
It is not only the luxury that counts, it is the reward for your hard work paid off.

Now, lets work for it. Together in a team we can achieve more.


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