Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary, sayang

Our 5th anniversary is today.

wedding anniversary

We have survived another phase of marriage! Alhamdulillah

I've read article on the Seven Stages of Marriage.(Click HERE)

The first stage is the honeymoon stage - first 2 years of the marriage : Checked! we've survived that
Stage One – Romance, Passion, Expansion and PromiseIn the beginning of a relationship partners often communicate effortlessly and at length. They seem to intuit each other’s needs and wishes and go out of their way to please and surprise each other. Couples begin to develop a strong sense of “we.” Individual differences are minimized, if noticed at all; partners are very accepting. Joy, excitement, happiness and hope abound. Partners present and elicit their best selves. Life seems expansive and promising. It is a time of sharing dreams and romance. At this stage couples’ prayer is often filled with thanksgiving and praise. God feels very close and responsive. This is a time to be remembered and cherished.
The second stage is the Settling Down and realiziation - the 5th year in marriage
Alhamdulillah we survived that. and insyaAllah will be going stronger each day. Though, biasa la, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, we did fight, a lot! but then we laughs and smiles a lot too! there were some check and balance.
Stage Two – Settling down and RealizationThe high energy and intensity of Stage One inevitably give way to the ordinary and routine. Ideally, in Stage Two couples learn to deepen their communication skills. They work to understand and express their wants, needs, and feelings. They learn to be honest and vulnerable and to listen actively to each other. They become aware of differences not noticed previously and develop strategies for dealing with them. Couples learn about give and take, negotiation and accommodation. In prayer they seek clarity about what is going on within one’s own as well as one’s partner’s heart and mind. For some couples God may not seem as close while others experience Him more intensely.
and another 5 stages to go, dear!
We can make it. and pray for our happiness.
pray for our jodoh til jannah.

To sayang,
I love you so much.
Tried to be ur very best wife ever.
and still trying
Forgive me for what I've done that hurt you.
Reminisce our happiness and sweet memories forever.
Thanks for being there for me tru ups and downs.
Thanks for being a good Abah to our kids.
Thanks for being responsible Suami and Abah.
May our love been blessed by Allah.
Love you always

ur love

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