Friday, December 6, 2013

Hanis Haizi and Bagaholic

Who does not know Hanis Haizi?
hanis haizi premium beautiful

She has created a wave of fashion trend..
hanis haizi

an icon of success moguls

 merging dreams, faith and actions..
hanis haizi

From a plain housewife, to a millionaire. To a motivational speaker. To a Fashion Enthusiast.
(Read her confession HERE and HERE)
hanis haizi

From alone in the business in 2009, to thousands of business partners all over the world by 2013.


Hanis Haizi and Chanel?
Hanis Haizi and Prada?
Hanis Haizi and Emillio Pucci?

Never ever separate those combinations. Brands like Christian Dior, Valentino, Christian Louboutin, YSL have been very close to her all these years.

Hanis Haizi in Nona March 2013 with 20% of her collections


hanis haizi chanel bag


when Hanis Haizi and her shopping buddy, her business partner, Maisarah Ibrahim combined..
hanis haizi chanel bag

and created ..

a brainchild of business moghuls Hanis Haizi and Maisarah Ibrahim.

vogue variety hanis haizi maisarah ibrahim

You can get authentic designer handbags by following @voguevariety through Instagram.
vogue variety
You're gonna drools over the choices. From Chanel to YSL to LV to Christian Louboutin to Gucci.
All the way from Milan and Paris!

You may grab this Gucci bag

Or this Emillio Pucci scarf

vogue variety hanis haizi maisarah ibrahim
to match with this Emillio Pucci dress

or Grab this Emillio Pucci Shirt Dress

or Get yourself with this drooling Lady Dior in shocking Pink

or give yourself choices of these bags
I promise that you're gonna drools, head over heels looking at the bags and others

Grab your next dream bag with @voguevariety now!

You may also place your order with me 017-6511966.

Of course my dream bag ..
Have a great weekend all!


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