Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lissa and Being grown up

This morning suddenly I teringat my kanak2 ribena. I really missed time spent with them. Being a mom, we felt that we shud spend most of our times with them, growing up.. but instead of doing that, i went for work.
   Kakak : Mama, mama nak pegi mana?
   Me      : Mama keje la
   Kakak : Oh, mama keje macam abah keje ye? Kakak pegi skool. mama takde
   Me      : (sad)
When I got to spend my time with Lissa, it was when she had the playschool I sent her to at Kizsports & Gym at Empire Shopping Mall. You can read Lissa's first class here. That's when mother + daughter can interact and mom can also take part (yeah, dancing, jumping and skipping like kids. i did enjoy it, okay!)
The other day, mr hubby got to go to work, while Hanie's babysitter was out of town, i got no one to attend Hanie during Lissa's class. Luckily, Kizsport allowed me to bring along Hanie in the class. and she did take part in the puzzle activity along with her sister.

But by now, Lissa is already outgrown the activities (Little Rompers program is for 25 to 36 months kids) since she's now approaching 36 months and also already started her kiddie. This month would most likely her last month, or perhaps i'll consider next month as the last. I dont know how to break the news yet to her. 
Special posed during the class
While balancing
She would scream excitedly everytime we passed through Federal Highways, next to Empire Shopping Mall,"Skool jump kakak! kakak nak skool jump!" She called the class as school jump because some of the activities (which she loved most) is jumping on the trampoline.
Jump! Jump!
Now she has grown up to a big toddler, her attitude changes a lot. She sometimes be a very caring sister, playing teacher-pupil with Hanie. She now knows A to Z very very well. She also knows her Aliff-Ba-Ta pretty well. She gets to recite doa makan sometimes. Funny when she said she wants to pray, she'd say something like "allahabat" means Allahuakhbar. Alhamdulillah, her kiddie thought her so much that I am not able to find time to do so (sad)
Teaching her adik how to play with stickers..which later on adik will pull it out!
Okay, need to get back to work already.. will try to update our preparation for Hari Raya (packing time!!) before we go back to our home town. Take care everyone and try to grab the last chance of Ramadhan :)

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Em's Family said...

and they grow so fast.. tak sempat nak cakap stoppp and yes, ,working mummy always feel guilty :(

airin diana said...

correct mira.. sedey sket sbb kalau kite keje, mana la ade masa nak spend sgt dgn kids. and later on sedar2 je dah besar kan

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