Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Top Green Leaders Group in Magazine!

Yes, her name is Hanis Haizi. She started business 3 years back as a housewife. Now, her income reached RM200,000 per month! 
She has been featured in a few magazines and berita harian. 
In Berita Harian
 In Majalah Nur
 In Majalah Nona
 New release September 2012, Hijabista
Story 1
Story 2
How she started?
As a housewife.. a normal housewife
but now after 3 years, she has changed. 

Full stories of her can be read through her blog here.
Now, she does show a great motivation for all of us. Come join us and together we embrace Freedom of Time and Money! (ahemm kalau harapkan keje makan gaji, 5 tahun pun tak ke mana kan..?kalau bukan sekarang, bila lagi,,?)

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