Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hari Raya Plan

Funny story last week, at night, during sleep, Lissa was crying loudly..i'd say, scream.. i was supposed to be panicked  but instead, i laughed.. why?
   Lissa : Mamaaaa!! (cried..)
   Me : Ye Lissa, nape...syuu..syuuu (trying to pujuk her to go back to sleep)
   Lissa : Mammaaaa! Polis tangkap kakak !! 
so funny!!! i immediately laughed. sorry ye kakak.. tak tahan lawak tengah malam..hehe.. then she felt asleep..mmg mengacau je tengah2 mlm.. this is all because of my sister, who kept on telling Lissa to behave or else she'll be caught by police.
Ok, straight to my topic..What's ur raya plan?
Balik kampung your hubby or yours? Does both parties find the decision delightful, satisfying or the other way round, unpleasant, unwilling decision? My advise, jangan gaduh2 during ramadhan..eventho on hari raya day boleh minta maaf..hihi
If you asked our raya plan, here it is.. (to satisfy both parties plus holiday session, I came out with this plan) :
   17th : Back to Nilai 3 (my family)
   18th : Malam Raya at Nilai 3
   19th : Pagi raya at Nilai 3, then shoot to Rembau, my grandpa's (my mom's). Night shoot to Batu Pahat    (my hubby's)
   20th : Raya 2 - Batu Pahat
   21st : Raya 3 - Batu Pahat
   22nd : Raya 4 - Batu Pahat. Afternoon - Holiday time, PD
   23rd : PD
   24th : PD checkout afternoon, back to Shah Alam.
Conclusion? We'll have raya at both parties' hometown, we'll have holiday and beach and sand castle time for both kids, we'll have super holiday nyaman break from work for both of us, hardworking parents..hehe
hopefully, all of us happy and have a great raya and holiday this year :)
We'll stay at Avillion Cove, Port Dickson. They are having special rate for packages
What's your family Raya plan?

To those who are looking for extra money as side income, call me and i'll share how. The decision is yours :)
017-6511966 | | FB ID Airin Diana


bibi yusof said...

hehehe... kene tangkap polis ek lissa..

airin, u sempat pegi holiday lagi tu.. hehehe..

me both kampung at terengganu.. so pusing terengganu je la... but first day raya at hubby's..

airin diana said...

bibi, mestila kena gi holiday
sbb kampung we all takde holiday spot. mcm u all balik terengganu mesti best. byk tmpt bleh dianggap holiday ;) seronok. byk beaches and also pulau2.. one day haruslah ke terengganu!

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