Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Premium Beautiful : Healing Crisis

Hello All!
Today I want to highlight on healing crisis some of my customers experienced while wearing Premium Beautiful for the first time.
Usually in the early stage of wearing Premium Beautiful, most of you will go through a healing crisis stage. this is a process where the detoxification occurs from our body. Good news is this occurs usually in first few days wearing it. Dont worry if you felt it-because this is a positive sign that our toxic in body where removed out of our body. It better be removed rather than kept inside, right?
What are the symptoms?
1. Headache
For those who has frequent headache and migraine - what you should do is to keep on drinking a lot of water.
2. Backpain - or sakit tulang belakang
Usually occurred to those of you who has frequent backpain and those who stand/sit incorrectly - first step of straightening your backbone!
3. Passing gas and burping -
for people who has "gas" - this is to remove gas from body. when there is a lot of gas means that our body is acidic.
4. Body ache -
 normal for people who always had fever - this also happened when you went for a massage.
5. Breast feeling uncomfortable and tingly 
Curing and acting to support and firm up your breast.
6. Weight lost
Most common symptom - showing that the previous weight was not compatible with height.
7. Skin reaction - itchiness 
Too many acid removed from body through perspiration / sweat. blackened skin especially at waist and stomach area might showed. keep on wearing PB so that the removal of toxic complete.
8.  Fresher, active and energetic body
Activated due to resonant from water molecules in body in more active from FIR reaction.

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