Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Cliché? hiks.
(Read Last year entry : Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015)
My 2014 recap : Free Trip to Gold coast
Goodbye 2015.
You have been good to me and my family.
Tho you were a bit challenging, you have thought me a lot.

Let's recap my 2015 year

1. Business Achievements : My New Sales Managers

Alhamdulillah, This year we celebrated three of my new Sales Manager with RM20,000 sales.
Three of them were from different backgrounds.

From left, June from Sungai Petani Kedah was a student when she started; in the middle Sue Hamsanah was a housewife before and now owns her own store; and on the right a young and ambitious Aimie Atiqah is from Perak.
I am glad that they have chosen me and be part of my team. Thank you for trusting me as your leader. (terharu) Three of them are such a true fighter. Am proud to have them as business partners.
Read the entry here : My New Sales Managers

2. Business Achievements : My New Senior Sales Manager
My lovely business partner for achieving RM60,000 Sales. InsyaAllah early 2016 naik pentas
Read Here

3. Business Achievements : Free 4th trip to Ho Chi Minh

The trip which was supposed to be to Bangkok was diverted to Ho Chi Minh City instead due to the bombing at Bangkok City. (read the entry here) But Allah has better plan. Alhamdulillah.

The trip to Ho Chi Minh was superb!! shopping and shopping and shopping til kaki lenguh. Alhamdulillah company fully sponsored the trip, and we only have to bring money for shopping; which was also from the bonus :D best kan!

I know I know, I owe lots of updates from the trip! will definitely share soon!

Read the entry here : Vietnam Glamjourney

4. Business Achievements : Premium Beautiful Expert Photoshoot
Done Premium Beautiful Expert shooting. Kind of fun to gather all together as a The Diamond Circle Leaders.
Read the entry here : Premium Beautiful Expert Shooting

5. Business Achievements : Introducing my Premium Beautiful Experts for whole Malaysia

Yeah, got a chance to introduce my experts throughout Malaysia! Now you can reach them anywhere, from KL central, southern, northern and East Malaysia.

Get the experts location here

6. Fun Activities : Majalah Pa & Ma Shooting

Thanks to Majalah Pa & Ma for the opportunity for me to be featured in Supermama section.
Glad to meet up the rest of supermama and we have been friends since.
Read the entry here : Majalah Pa & Ma Shooting

7. Fun Activities : Ashraff Zainal Fashion Show
Got an invitation to a fashion show by my favorite fashion designer, Ashraff Zainal to his launching of White Love Bridal
Read the entry here : White Love Bridal Show by Ashraff Zainal

8. Fun Activities : TV Program Shooting

 Got an opportunity to participate in a family tv program for RTM with Tribution Studio.
Such an opportunity and this time so-called reality tv show betul. tak tipu berlakon; ie Hanie si drama queen terserlah!!
Cant wait for the airing soon 2016 :)

9. Fun Activities : Appointed model for Emerald On Monday
Been appointed as a model for Emerald On Monday fashion line. Love it cause the fashion and material really suits me :)

Read Here for my Modeling Job Review

10. Fun Activities : Cameron Highlands visit (again & again)

I lost count of frequency we visit Cameron Highlands. Yes, it is our favorite place!!
And the throwback visit from 2012 :) Read HERE
11. New Chapter : A mom with schooling kid
Yeah, next 2016 Lissa starts her formal education as Standard One student.
The preparation? was hectic!! I never thought baju sekolah darjah satu was expensive! of course kena beli berpasang2; ie min of 5 pieces, 1 each day.
During the orientation. Lissa' school was one of the earliest school for orientation in November 2015. Other school scheduled late Dec 15.
After this, no more bercuti in the middle of the week. cannot ponteng school dah.. hiks
Read Here for the School Preparation Story
12. Love Life : Our 7th Year together
Alhamdulillah our 7th year together.. lots of tears and laughter. I love you yang. looking forward for many many years together
13. New Transformation : From a-bit-chubby me to a-better-figure me
Who said ive never been gemuks?
Tak percaya? take a look at this :
I rest my case :D
Looking back 2015, lots happening. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah for blessing me with all these sweet memories of 2015.
I am soo looking forward to a better year in 2016. More on career advancement, more on business achievements and more on motherhood and parenting.
To this, I'd say : Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Have a great year ahead and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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