Monday, April 30, 2012

The reason why

Today i want to share a bit on the reason why we need to have side income and start Premium Beautiful Business. I extracted these from our top leader.
1. extra extra Money!! Starting from RM4500 and above, and up to six figures
2. Travel 3 times per year FOC!! dont worry, our company tak penah taja naik AA
3. Car Fund FOC - RM1000 onwards
4. we dont do repeat sale, only focus on one product for LIFETIME
5. Capital guaranteed
6. No restock product, no overhead
7. Free training provided
8. Product Superbrand with LIFETIME waranty, no expiry date
9. Can be done part time or full time
So those of you interested, just call me. I can elaborate more. You'll be very surprise to see how easy it is. we dont have to go from house to house. No specific target sales, no expiry points. very flexible. trust me. i first hesitate, but now, i'm so thankful that i join this. we also did this in group. so you'll be guided and dont have to worry to do it alone.
Nowadays, everything that we do, we need extra money.with our salary combined we dont have excess money.. i dont want to jeopardize our kids' education and opportunity. I want the best for them, and also for our family. plus, giving an opportunity to give extra money to my parents is one of my satisfaction when doing this. Let's together we strive for our best.

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