Thursday, May 3, 2012

Work now and then

Good Morning!
I am early to work today. 7:00 am sharp in the office! very excited and energetic. why? because I am happy working here. My boss, whom i just know since i started work in new department last month, trusted me and honor me as his subordinate. He trusted me with his login name and password to go through system. He shud know that I can easily abuse this, release all the purchase order and other authorization under his authoriy. but definitely i wont do that! He even introduced me to his colleagues, whom majority are managers and senior managers, as "orang kuat saya", eventhough i just started. I am pleased and happy to work with him. This scenario is totally different from what i have been treated more than 6 years back at Casting department (aha, my previous dept that is). The bosses here treat us like a team member rather than "kuli batak". i work with lots of managers many departments. They are supportive and very open to my opinion and ideas.
At Casting, everything has to go through some protocols, like the bosses sooo superior compared to us..ala sultan zaman kemelayuan Melaka. If you want to see the senior manager, you need to go along with your manager, or you'll be asked to explain to ur manager so that he'll see ur senior manager (yes, in order to claim his name doing all the hard work..duuh!) i've been blinded all these while..i did the hard and extra work, and who got the name? yes, the greedy guy who actually didnt know anything! nevermind, my mom said..biar orang buat kita..rezeki dia tak berkat... fuuhh! i took a long breathe and here i am! moving on into a totally new whole world. i got 2 subordinates to be managed. i got 1 boss who is very professional. i got 1 big boss who knows whats my strength and specialty. I'm hoping for the best, and i'll prove to those who had been using me all these while that i manage to be successful without them.
Pray for me.. insyaAllah, this is the right way and path for me. although i am not doing anything near to engineering work, but i am happy and pleased.


mommyNadia said...

happy for u dear..;)
semoga laluan Nadia plak nanti smooth..pray for me too ;)

airin diana said...

thanks nadia
hopefully u'll be there :)
just be strong and determine. this is ur life, ur work life - more than half of our day dedicated at work. kalau kite tak satisfy, feel disappointed, why shud we stay.
insyaAllah, nadia. doa byk2 ye

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