Friday, May 4, 2012

Young or Look Young?

Being someone new in a new department will get a lot of attention. People want to know where you come from (im a human okay, not from Mars), where were you before, when u graduated, how many kids you have etc...
That, i got from my group. Not from other department.
Here are some scenarios i got from people from other department :
Scenario 1
At Surau, during lunch time, waiting for Zohor. I was with a friend of mine.
Kakak a : Awak budak baru ke?
Me : Aah, kak. saya baru transfer department
Kakak a : Oh, ingtkan baru masuk Proton
Me : Tak lah kak, dah dekat 7 thn dah dgn proton
Kakak a : ooo, lama dahla.
Me : hehehe.. baru kat dept ni la kak. dah lama dgn proton
Kakak a : dah kawin ke?
Me : Dah kak.
My friend : Dah anak dua kak oi!
Kakak a : MasyaAllah. mati2 akak ingat bujang lagi
Scenario 2
I was heading to a restroom, approached by a guy, aged somewhere around forties.
Man 1 : Adik, kejap kejap..
Me : Ye? (blur jap)
Man 1 : Kalau adik ke kawan2 adik nak beli kereta, adik order dgn abang tau. mana tau, kawan2 adik yg baru grad tu.abang ade lesen utk jual kereta
Me : hah? baru grad?
Man 1 : Adik baru masuk kan?baru grad kan?
Me : Tak la, saya dah lama dgn Proton. dah 7 tahun. kawan2 pun dah lama grad.
Man 1 : Oh, tak kisah la. adik bagitau je kalau ade sape2 nak beli kereta. (cover line la plak sbb termalu dah..haha) ada komisen.jgn risau

Scenario 3
At Surau, during Zohor praying time. I went inside along with some practical students. a few of them. This kakak already in the surau, saying hello to these practical students.
Kakak 1 : Ramai nye korang student practical ye. Awak attached kat group mana? (while asking to Student 1)
Student 1 : Department PPC, kak
Kakak 1 : Awak? (asking Student 2)
Student 2 : Engineering.
Kakak 1 : Oh, awak...? (a moment of silence...)
( i looked back to Kakak 1, i realized she was talking to me!)
Me : Oh, sorry kak. tak perasan.
Kakak 1 : Awak kat mana?
Me : Saya GP, kak.
Kakak a : Dia bukan budak practical lah. Dia exec transfer masuk GP. (she knows me from Scenario 1, the other day)
Kakak 1 : La.. ye ke? akak ingat awak practical.. (while showing confused face, especially when i started pumping) Awak bukan baru grad ke?
Me : Eh, tak lah kak. dah lama dah. 7 thn lepas dah, kak.
Kakak 1 : Eh, tak nampak plak awak mcm mak orang. hahaha
Me : ***blushing okay!
Kakak 1 : Umur berapa?
Me : Dah thirty dah kak :(
Kakak 1 : Laaaa ye ke? macam 23 je...hehehe.. body maintain ye! (yes, because i wear Premium Beautiful!)
Conclusion? Me, young? nope. Look young? maybe ..hehehehe
People said when you are happy, you'll look 10 years younger. if thats so, i will look like a 20 years old girl! yeay!! to be happy, you need to clear off your mind, have satisfaction with your job, with your salary and not to worry much about anything. Right now, i'm at peace at work, have freedom to spend off with extra money, have a happy family. Alhamdulillah.. God has guided me through this way. To make a change took a courage out of me. What have i made?
1. To change department
After reporting too long to one boss whom has taken advantages over me, 6 and a half years made me decide to change to a new department. Now, i very lucky to have a supportive boss whom taken me as his orang kuat.
2. To start a part-time business
I know that I need to have extra money apart from my daily fixed job. I studied for 3-4 months to choose what should i do. Finally, i made up my mind to start Premium Beautiful Business. I have extra money (extra means a lot!), i have opportunity to get Free oversea trip three times per year, i have chance to get car fund monthly (oh, i need to change my Kancil), i have met a lot of friends, i can do it at my own biz, very easy, i have the freedom of time.. insyaAllah, i will be succeed in both work and business and also happy with family...
Note : Anyone of you wants to know how, please give me a call 017-6511966 or email at or pm at FB Airin Diana.

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