Monday, April 23, 2012

My 1st year Graduation

Reading my title, you must be wondering, what am i graduated in? Havent i already got my degree? oh, no, i didnt pursue any post-grad, master or anything that has to do with more papers, study and exam, okay.. totally not interested..enuf studying all these years..hihihi (alasan pemalas nak baca buku)
What i graduated in/for? Yeah, it is my breastfeeding journey with my second baby, Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara. She's one year old last Saturday, 21st April. So it means that I have been breastfeeding her for one year, successfully without any help from any formula. Alhamdulillah..
Going for another step, it sure will be a tough journey. why? because the milk supply drops since she started solid. because i was too busy with my work that i disregard (undiscipline) my pumping schedule, instead of 3 times per day, i reduce it to twice, and sometimes once per day..because i was too tired every time i got back home - skipped my pumping session in the middle of nite..(aduii...too may excuses la..) i need to set back my mind! i have to make sure my ebm stock been topped up. yes, u can do it!! I am lucky though, Hanie consumed less than what i pumped daily. So i didnt have to get extra stock to top up daily usage for her..
Being a mom for Hanie was very easy. Hanie is an easy baby. Once she's full, she wont disturb you. she will play by herself, or sometimes sleep, without having to struggle to dodoi her or stuff like that. unless if there's something wrong with her stomach or something that makes her discomfort, she'll let you alone. She didnt suddenly cry out of no reason or wants to be pampered. That'll happen only with her grandma..hehe..
I'll get some time to write about our celebration with Hanie for her First birthday..need to go new boss's calling (oh, i love my new job!)

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