Monday, October 11, 2010


I know i have to update more often. it has been..what.. a month, since my last update. Aside from my busy working routine, a new project, plus with the no access to internet (yes, we do have the maxis broadband, but my husband tends to conquer it..and i dont want to open my laptop at home. rather spending time with my lil one) so when is the time to update? only during my free working hour, which seemed to be very scarce lately.
I will update on Lissa's Birthday celebration later. The preparation was very last minute, and i missed quite a few number of people to invite. since the party was held at my parents' at Nilai, i couldnt prepare the decoration early on. Never mind, this is my first event to plan, the next birthday for Lissa, will be much much well-prepared, i hope so.. and to most of mommies bloggers, i'm sorry i couldnt invite you guys because of the timing. we'll do it next year, ok? Even the birthday cake, i totally forgot to book ahead. So we went to King's at Nilai that saturday morning to buy the cake. can you imagine how my prep was sooo out of line? i haven't uploaded yet Lissa's pix. i tried to, but couldnt get through. not sure either it is due to the connection, or this blogger error. got to go.. we'll talk later, then! da~

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