Thursday, November 14, 2013

Business Preview with Airin Diana and The Diamond Circle

Salam All

This weekend will be a mission to South Region of Malaysia

Me and my protege will be in Negeri Sembilan
rembau most wanted

at the following locations:

Seremban : 16th November am

Rembau : 16th November pm

Kuala Pilah : 17th November

And my leader, Shaliza Aziz will be in :

Malacca from 16 - 17 November
malacca tourist vacation spot

So for those who want to know how to get a chance to start business online or be our dropship agents or business partners and achieve 4 to 6 figures income monthly through social media, do let me know. whatsap / we chat / line / just text me.

Dont worry. 
Just a sharing session.
No string attached ;)

Instagram @airin_diana
Facebook : Airin Diana Anuar

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