Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hello December, Felixia Yeap & the Photoshoot

Hello December

Last month in 2014.

Cepat sangat kan masa berlalu? I think 2014 is the shortest year i've ever felt. Not that 2014 short of months, it is the same as other years passed by with 12 complete months. But, you know what I meant, right?

Okay, now what to look for in this month?

December, as everyone knows, a month of cuti-cuti malaysia, right? everyone pun nak habiskan cuti balance in 2014. Plus it is the school holiday. (and more money needed for the holiday)
And soon the school is starting, with the registration and all. (yeah, more money needed!)

Apart from the cuti-cuti malaysia going on, what's going on with my business and persoanl activities? Yeah, quite packed i must say.

The Photoshoot

Starting with The Diamond Circle leaders photoshoot. Yeah, it has been quite some time since the last photoshoot. You may read the entry i wrote about last photoshoot here.

This time around we're gonna have the same photographer, the talented Hafiz Atan. We love how he gave us ideas and tips to pose, especially dealing with us, mostly a bit kayu in front of the camera. But anyway, i have few photoshoots already, hopefully this time tak jadi kayu lagi!

Oh, btw the theme is black and yellow. Erm, im not sure if i look good in yellow? I know i am pretty much confident in both blue or pink. but yellow? hmm.. okay, now time for shopping!! Any idea where to get yellow jacket?

Douglas Lim & Dina Nadzir

Next event, Im gonna represent the company I'm working now to a dinner where we will be entertained by few celebrities whom one of them is Douglas Lim. Cant wait to see him perform the stand-up comedy. 
We will also be enjoying songs by Dina Nadzir! Excitednyee!

Felixia Yeap, Glam Pretty Women

One of the most awaiting event of this month, definitely the GLAM Pretty Women Day, where the event will be a collaboration between Hai-O and GLAMpreneurs, with Felixia Yeap aka Raisyyah Rania as our special guest.
I'm gonna blog about this upcoming event soon which will also be opened to all, not only to glampreneurs. You are pretty much welcomed to tag along and enjoy the event.

Sime Darby Industrial Annual Dinner & Dance

Yeah, I'm a bit excited to attend this annual dinner since this is definitely my first time. Been with the company for about 6 months now, cant wait to see how things go.
The theme is Glitz and Glamour. Hmm how glamour wud that be? hehe.
Tho I dont really have a clique to tag along, im bringing along my lovely husband.
Tot of getting the touch from mua Sahir Sabri. He did an amazing job with my cousin's make up from previous event.
He did quite impressive job

Im thinking of having this natural not-so-daring make up for the dinner

Well, i guess, that's about it. Looking forward for a great and happy ending for 2014.

will blog about these events once it's over ;)

Have a great December, all!


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