Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't be Afraid, I am your Personal Coach

Don't be Afraid.

Cliche is it?

Yeah, that is my promise to my business partners.
Because for sure, you have my word that I will guide you to succeed as long as you need me to coach you.

Oh, some might wonder, what is to coach?
I am a business coach, though doing it as a part timer business woman, while juggling between work, personal life and business, it is what fullfil my life now. I love it!

Love it even better when i see achievement from time to time among my business partners.

One of the GLAMLelaki team. Syazril from Setapak. Starting business when he was a student. Now focusing 100% fulltime doing business.

Elis, from Klang, an industrial engineer at one of Big company in Malaysia. A mother of two

Emilita from Puchong, a manager corporate mom at one of Multi National Company in Malaysia. A mom of three and a satisfied Premium Beautiful wearer since a year ago.

Azira from Ampang. A mother of two, just recently started business with me and unfailingly one of my top achiever in the group.

Rose Hanafiah from Cheras. Single and Available ;) an Assistance Officer Quality Assurance/Quality Control in a site

Hamiza Suzlin (in the middle) a mom of three from Bangi. Dedicated to learn and improve from time to time.

From Top Elis, Bottom Najwa and Left Jannah. Both Najwa and Jannah are UiTM Puncak Alam students. Very eager to earn extra pocket money to support their study and also family.

Amy from Penang, tho quite far from KL, she always planned her trip to KL to learn more about business. She is one of dedicated leaders in my team. Tak rugi guide amy. InsyaAllah will be my next diamond soon.

June Johary, another fierce and consistent partner. From Sungai Petani but now studying in Malacca.

Sue Hamsanah from Gombak. A mother of two. Running own business and decided to extend business along with me. Very soft spoken but determine to be a successfull businesswoman one day.

Meet Dee Jacob from Johor Bahru. A mom of two and she carries her own classy way. Usually received orders internationally through online.

Another Johorean partner, Ida Hidayah. A mom and also working while doing this business part time through social media.

No matter how far, no matter what are the obstacle, I will always guide and coach you. For me, without my business partners, who I am. Teamwork makes the DREAM works! Trust me!
Through thick and thin. Through storm and rain. Let's stay together!

Be part of my team now and I will guide you to success, TOGETHER.

I am The Diamond Circle Leaders

Contact me to know more  :

Your Personal Coach,
Airin Diana

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