Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My First Boot Camp with Geng Diet TDC

Hi All!

Okay, dont be surprised! This is actually my first ever boot camp!

Thanks to Geng Diet TDC, so called terpaksa join coz i dont actually have some target on weight loss. Just wanna have a fit and firm body. hehe

We have the first boot camp for the Geng Diet TDC on the 6th December 2014, at TTDI Park. I woke up early that Saturday morning about 6:30 am and getting ready to be by 8 am at the park.

I heard we gonna get a trainer, which im quite worry since I am so bad at any physical activities, especially during my school day. I used to either turun lewat for the Pendidikan Jasmani, or skipped the sesi memanas badan bfore play for netball or basketball game. I just dont like running and those sit up thingy.

Approaching the park, it started raining. and I was so relieved when i read texted by our leader, Shaliza Aziz if it is rain, we're gonna just meet in one of the kopitiam. yeay!! But then, she texted back and said that it was just drizlling and we can proceed. duuhh!

Once arrived, I got a parking straight away since most people are leaving due to the rain. Since I brought along my two kids, i was a bit worry if they got sick due to the rain, but Alhamdulillah, they were fine even days after the event.

So there we were, running through the rain while kids sitting under the roof. 

Meet our trainer, Zul from Optimum Liv3 Fit
Since we were so tight up with the routine Zul made us do, I didnt get any photos of us sweating our ass off! you may visit Zul's Instagram to watch the video. If you can spot me there!

Once after we were done, for more than 2 hours session, Zul ended the session with some explanation on the activities, tips on staying fit and also some Q & A session from us.
Masa ni masing2 dah pancit. lol!

He explained three method and types of working out. Now i know!!!
And surprisingly, Zul informed us that this is very very basic bootcamp. i was like, wuttt???

Hanie took this picture of Ieja. Pandai ieja posed ;)

Me and Olyn. Both pancit masa ni, muka pun letih gile

Then the most awaiting session... Photo time!! ahahaha

Masa ni hujan dah berhenti. Subhanallah, sangat cantik the view.

Along with Fariz, dia pun byk cheating.hehehe

Pic with some of the team. Photo by Lissa Maisarah

With one of TDC

Rasanya my face masa ni dah macam belacan dah.hahaha


You guys memang rock la!! fun sangat this activity

Let's do this often

Wanna be part of Geng Diet TDC? Text me and let's live a healthy life!!
We are planning to have next is Body Combat!! yeahhh!

Our new tagline : Buat Lebih, Dapat Lebih!! yeahhh
By promoting healthy, fit lifestyle, we definitely help others loss weight and stay healthy.

Be healthy,
Be fit.


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