Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Talkative Hanie Myazara

Oh seriously, this girl can talk and talk!

Me : Hanie, stop sucking your thumb. Hanie kan dah besar?

Hanie : Hanie kecik lagiiii...

I tot she'll be exactly like her sister, Lissa, whom will only talk a lot when at home or when with us. But, Hanie, no! she can talk non-stop. When her kindie teacher told me, i was quite surprised.
Teacher : Hanie ni, Puan, talks a lot in the classroom.
Me : Really?
Teacher : Yeah. And she has quite a temper.
Me : Yelah tu, garang. just like their father. Terus i jeling at my husband. LOL!
Teacher : Memang garang betul. Kakak dia dulu garang gak, tapi now dah toned down. Adik dia ni tak reduce pun garang tu.

Selain dari banyak cakap macam mak nenek, garang sangat-sangat. and also kuat merajuk. tapi if biarkan, she cools herself down. then boleh sambung gelak2. Padahal in the first place, ke main lagi dah muncung and merempan.

Bila dia buat perangai, especially if kat luar, menangis or melalak sekuat hati, i biarkan je. sometimes to others mcm kejam kan? but i cant tolerate the behaviour yg mengada and u-have-to-follow-what-i-want diva type. sorry ye.
But then sometimes my husband gave in. Pegila pujuk la ape la. For me, I've been raised in the environment where my parents wont tolerate my merajuk or sucking up. And i think that's why i am so independent now being brought up that way. hehehe

Back to the main topic, Hanie being a talkative girl.

Sometimes I think it's good for kids' development to be talking and telling the truth rather than keep it inside. and a plus that it is a way of building up vocab.

It's just that when the situation happened in the public, like this :

(Inside elevator, someone just passed gas with quite a sound, but luckily no smell!!)
Hanie : Mama, ada orang kentut! (Out loud, okay. tak cover langsung!)
Us : Senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa. Malu kot. Tapi i think org yg passed gas tu lagi malu.

Most of parents mesti penah face this situation kan? kan? hahaha

Tho it is good that Hanie can talk a lot, it bit us when she says something like :

Mama lah, sape suruh tak tutup pintu, now cat dah masuk.


When she almost slipped in the toilet
Mamalah, suruh Hanie pee dalam toilet.

Oh, the blaming game!

Or when she can speak her mind, when she can choose and decide :

Me : Hanie, nanti mama hanta pegi daycare ye
Hanie : No! I dont WANT!

So, tell me your experience. What do you think about kids age like Hanie at 3 years old can do more?
I have to be more prepared! lol!

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