Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary, sayang..

Another 5 minutes before our Anniversary Day over.

24th December 2014 - marked the 6th year of our marriage.

Yes, lets admit that both of us so call "overlook" the date and fully occupied with work and daily routine that we dont need any wishes and that our life is filled with much love where we dont have to cherish any special date or day coz everyday is special to us. hahaha. okay, u are forgiven babe (sbb i pun almost lupa)

Thanks for these 6 wonderful years that you've showered me with love, with passion, tolerate all my requests... (uve never let me down on ANY requests).

Thank you sayang for all and all and all - words cant replace any all at all.

I love you and may our love remains til jannah.

Aiman is what they called us before and lets cherish our love til jannah.

May Allah always bless our love.

Cant wait to venture more years and years with you!

xoxo, Your wife

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