Monday, June 6, 2016

Premium Beautiful Corset, My favorite corset

Hye all.

Most of you already know that ive been wearing Premium Beautiful Corset since 3 and half years ago.
Now i am a trained, qualified Premium Beautiful Corset Expert
But before that, let me tell you a story from where i begun..
This is me in 2008,during our honeymoon. I looked slim, right? But no one knows that i have hidden flabby tummy. I used to wear loose or oversized shirt to cover my tummy.
(It was uglier for kurus people to have a flabby tummy coz people wud Looove to ask if u r preggy. Benci tau!)

This is me on our wedding day 2008.
Just look at me, no shape, x cantik coz i dont have curve. Months before the wedding i signed up for gym to tone my body and loose the tummy... But... Failed!!

Me preggy first baby. I gained about 8 kg right before delivery.

Me right after pantang. Nampak body lari shape dh. At this time i dont have any kesedaran to wear corset.. But later found out that my tummy wont go back to slim position (nangis!!)

There u go, my journey bfore i wore Premium Beautiful Corset.  I cant live without it!
And now, Alhamdulillah, my tummy back to a firm position.hehehe.

Now i can easily grab any rtw in the market. Here from Jovian Mandagie RTW for raya in 2014

Here wearing RTW Jovian in 2013
When u wear this corset, u will feel more confident, ur body firmer and ur body posture improved. People says,alah membeli, menang memakai! Untung bcoz ade LIFETIME Warranty altho dh pakai bertahun2. 
Even in hot weather,u wont feel hot. Rasa cool je tau. Thanks to the great aquatech, aquadyne material which will maintain ur body temperature.

If you would like to know,the Premium Beautiful Corset has 3 pieces in 1 set ; Long Bra, Long Girdle and Waist Nipper.
The complete set of the corset

This is how to measure your size. In cm okay
We are the authorized,trained Premium Beautiful corset
Now on Raya Promotion with additional discount from RM600-1500!!

Text me today 017-6511966

Your Premium Beautiful corset
Since 2013

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