Monday, June 13, 2016

The Diamond Circle Story : TDC Iftar 2016

Salam all.

How's your Ramadhan so far?
Iftar ok? Beli kt param ke masak ke order in?
This year i packed ready from office just to save time not have to rush to any param.

Anyway, we've got a chance to go for iftar with The Diamond Circle partners. Memang happening.

I was in-charged to book a venue for this year's iftar. I choose iftar at Roof Hotel Garden in Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam, brought by Wedding Studio Sdn Bhd.
Close to 60 pax of TDC Family attended the event. Alhamdulillah.

With TDC Leaders

Earlier that day,we have discussion on hala tuju team. Planning for new strategy on bigger income.

Afterwards, we had TDC Intensive Class where I was one of the speaker, presenting our new Celgynic Gold product. Good for brain!

And now we are getting ready to TDC Iftar. Here all of us are mom of two. Age between 33-34 years old
Some say we dont really look 30s. Yeay!

Thanks to my professional photographer, Hanie Myazara.
Im wearing RTW from Emel by Melinda Looi.

We went straight to the Plaza Jelutong, where the iftar took place. It was lovely setup of the Grand Nikah Hall

The Diamond Circle behind the event.
The Grand Nikah Hall from outside

And the kids TDCJuniors bonding.
Here with Tsara, Emilita's eldest daughter and Yaya, Syikin's eldest.

Nampak je abang kesayangan, sengih terus both Lissa & Hanie. It has been 4 years weve known one another.
With gojes mom of two, Olyn, here wearing RTW Jovian
A sister i never had, Eida Idris came all the way from Penang earlier that day.

TDC Family. Missing the husbands here.

With my lovely partners. Missing Izzah, Aimie, Sue and June here.

Bila berjumpa, mcmni lah kemain havoc.

Bersama abang kesayangan

Antara husband yg ada di penghujung majlis.
Support & restu dari husband sangat2 membantu wife bina empire business. 

Panjang muncung? Lol!

Dengan ini, kami mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa & Moga Ramadhan kali ini lebih berkat.
Alhamdulillah, the event went well.
Special thanks to Puan Habibah from Wedding Studio Sdn Bhd for the arrangement. The food was awesome & delicious, the venue was super lovely!


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