Monday, June 20, 2016

Restaurant Review : BLOKKE Citta Mall

Hye all!

Last weekend I had a chance to have busines discussion with my business partner, emilita.

This time we met at Citta Mall in one of the cafe-playhouse, Blokke.

Blokke is located on the First Floor

The admission fee to the playground.


The playground

Kids can also play at the lego area for free

No preservatives nuggets

Chicken pie
Pasta pie. Smell sooo good! But since it was puasa, i cant review it for ya. But lissa & hanie enjoyed it

Pavlova ni pun nampak sedap

While kids having fun..

We have the discussion, peacefully!!
Great spot for kids to have fun, and parents to take a leisure time. Listening to music while chatting with friends!
Highly recommended for all parents with kids.

You can check out Blokke FB page here :

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