Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet My New GLAMpreneurs

Assalamualaikum All

Hari ni dah masuk Ramadhan yg ke 20 dah kan..
sekejap betul masa berlalu..
Have we asked ourselves is the amal jariah enough already?
or we are still searching for our soul?
Life is all about taking opportunity.
if you missed this Ramadhan, can you get another Ramadhan? Maybe? or maybe there's no more..
Lets pray that we were given another chance to fulfill this Ramadhan and wish for another Ramadhan next year..

Saying about opportunity.
Alhamdulillah.. been in this business for one year has taught me a lot.
i mean, A LOT!
There are a few negativity, a few bad comments, a few pessimistic saying here and there.
But Alhamdulillah, it made me stronger each and every day.
Those comments came from those who didnt understand the business.
Those who either refused to understand or who just didnt give themselves a chance to understand.
I respect those people
you have ur own opinion and your own stand.
at the same time, i pity them.
This industry has contributed more than RM20 million per year to our country.
This industry has certified Halal and has own Act set by our government.
nothing much to say.
facts tell enough.

i met these wonderful people around me
i met those opportunists
who see every opportunity and value friendship

Let me introduce you to our new GLAMpreneurs this month.
whom will receive their first bonus in the Raya Month. 
Bonus raya not RM500, but RM4500 to be shared among loved ones during Syawal

Meet my new business partners ..

Dylla Azmi
kuala lumpur taman melati kelantan
She was an unknown to me. She found me while googling for eczema solution. Then she ordered the Marine Essence Beauty Bar. I took the opportunity to meet her. and she was indeed such a lovely young mom of one. 
When she used the beauty bar, along with her mom, she found that it works like a magic. her skin starts to be flawlessly, no more scaling.

And that was when she contacted me to know more about the business.

She was previously an IT engineer. Resigned and concentrated on their young baby. Now that her son reached 1 year old, she figured that having income from her own pocket rather than spending her husband's is more satisfying. Giving her mom and dad monthly allowance from her own titik peluh is more content. 

Personally, she is a very independent partner. I guided her a few steps and she knows already. she is highly motivated person and looking forward to earn more. Even though her son is still a fully breastfed baby, and not yet bottle trained, she didnt put it as an excuse not to involve in any business activities. she put it as a challenge and after all, what she did today will definitely benefit tomorrow.

Anyone from Kuala Lumpur, especially Taman Melati & Cheras, and also Kelantan, can contact her.

Here's her blog : CLICK HERE

 Eda Edros
She is another unknown to me. She is partner to Dylla Azmi, a friend of Dylla's sister. how small this world be when you have the social media.

She is far from us. but the beauty of this business, we can get connected and i can easily guide her through email, whatsapp and we chat. In this business, no matter where you are, jauh atau dekat, you can still be successful. 

She is very determined person. Personally, i barely know her. I never met her, but i can feel her enthusiasm and spirit. We clicked easily through alam maya. she follows my lead. anything i say or guide, she took action immediately.

Anyone from Sungai Petani, Kedah who wants to know the opportunity, contact her. 

Here's her blog : CLICK HERE

Zulidzham Arif
glam lelaki
Welcoming another Man in GLAM. A young engineer at one of reputable semiconductor manufacturer in Senawang. Young and passionate GLAMpreneur, within less than a week signing up, he has queued appointments with people asking for the business opportunity.

He was a friend of my brother. Who would have thought that we'll meet? this is the power of Facebook.

Looking forward to work together and achieve more dear.

To those of you, guys out there, who wants to know how we do it in team, and guide every single step, but malu2 nak contact us, ladies, you can contact him.
Also, those in Seremban, Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, he's nearer to your location.

Here's his blog : CLICK HERE

I will update more on my other dedicated GLAMpreneurs.
and insyaAllah, will be welcoming another GLAMpreneur by end of today. Semoga urusan dia dipermudahkan. amin!

To those of you who are still wondering..
do not ragu2.. give me a call and i will share with you
the decision will be urs.

Lets du-it, partners!!

The GLAMpreneur

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