Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Men and Corset

Corset is usually associated with women, ladies. 

The thing is, Premium Beautiful Corset isn't one of the typical corset you can find in the market, in Giant or Tesco.

It is the best corset, the very best, the Super Brand Award corset.

It is the main leading hot selling corset in the market.

Now, why do you need these corset?
Why do you have to wear something sticking to your body throughout your days?

As i quote from our CDM Razali Zain :

A good answer would be?..... to look good.


A great answer would be?..... to feel good.

Thing is, it's all back to health.

Unlike food supplements/replacements/shakes/pills/juices etc. Those are all intake. Premium Beautiful isn't one of those. It ain't exercise. Put it to context people. It's a piece of undergarment, a cloth you wear it on your body.

Tell me, is there any other thing close to this?

Heck of course you can get a cheaper ciplak version or those rubbery-instant-solution to your flabby stomach-waists-thighs KFC looking figure. But the truth is, Premium Beautiful IS the BEST solution in it's category - period.

Now, lets take a look at the slimming center which have been tumbuh bak cendawan out there.

Did they cost you RM10 per session? 
Not even close!

They overcharged. 

They tell you that you need this treatment for your arm and that treatment for your flabby stomach and those treatments for your thigh. Correct me if im wrong, but these were experienced by most of my friends who went to the slimming center.

But, did it work? 

Yes and No.

Yes, if you sign up for the said treatments and pay a bunch and keep your meal to their menu, ie soup, chicken soup and salad.

No, if you belasah all the food, and has no more money in your pocket to pay the extra extra treatment they offer.

Ok, now, Premium Beautiful is the most efficient way for your body investment. 
No additional cost, no hidden cost, no extra treatment here and there.

The Lifetime Warranty just give you the ease of mind!
Tell me other health product that offer you these?

Back to my topic up there.

Men and Corset.

Can men wear the corset?

are you kidding me???

those were the actual words came out from my male friends when i suggested them this.

No, of course not the whole set!

premium beautiful corset and men
You have this.
Waist Nipper.

The Waist Nipper is one of the three pieces that makes up a Premium Beautiful set. And it's the piece that can be worn by anybody not just the ladies. 
It should be worn at your waist, nama pun Waist nipper kan?

That's where it can tackle this problem:
solution for perut boroi

OR this..

solution for back pain slipped disc

What's the special effects of wearing Premium Beautiful? Guna Adobe photoshop ke ape?

solution for back pain slip disc

This is based on CDM Razali Zain's testimony:

* 1st effect - Perut buncit transforms to Perut kempis.

* 2nd effect - Slouch/Bongkok transformasi to TEGAP.

* 3rd effect - Tidur nyenyak/lena.

* 4th effect - Buang angin/air/toksin.

* 5th effect - Kulit jadi sihat/lembut.

*6th effect - Those with slipped disc be getting better

solution for back pain slip disc

I really don't know how to explain the 3rd & the 5th 'syed efek' but Memang I sleep better and my skin problem gone (I used to have this irritating dry skin problem at my feet).

OK, now you get the whole picture, right?

How to order?

Call me at 017-6511966
Whatsapp / Wechat

or drop me an email at

You'll be amazed on the effect and benefits.



tenku butang said...

waa.. betul2 berkesan ke ni?

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Insya Allah
Setakat ni, mmg ramai lelaki pakai and berkesan.
Nak cuba tak?
Nanti sms kat i ur hand phone no, and kita boleh arrange time untuk ukur dan fitting.


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