Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rezeki Bulan Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum All

How's your first day fasting? Bersahur tak pagi tadi? me? being a pemakan, i have to sahur in order to make sure i dont turn out to be some tiger or lion in the afternoon.hehe. Just Kidding.

I was reading my leader, Sha Khalid's blog and she wrote about her experience during Ramadhan as a part time business woman. You can read it HERE

"Ramadhan is a month where we practice restraint and self-control. During this holy month, let’s be reverent and remember the precepts of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala (S.W.T). As much as fasting is about self-restraint, it is not enough to merely abstain from food and drinks, but let us also put our hearts, minds and words in submission to Allah’s instructions. In the Quran and Sunnah, Ramadhan is also associated with rewards, forgiveness and redemption."

Yes, true. approaching Ramadhan, i have a lot of order especially on the Marine Essence series (body wash and syampoo), BBPlus Collagen for energy during the day and also Premium Beautiful. Customers were taking the opportunity of the newly announced RM150 rebate per set
baju raya jovian mandagie meletup
Confirm nampak meletops dgn baju jovian
(erm.. when will i get my jovian ni..tak sabar)
Sambutan pun super luar biasa sebab masing2 nak pakai baju raya and looking good during the first few days of raya. Nanti takde la orang tanya, eh lama tak jumpa, nape nampak u mcm berisi jeik? (those were questions asked to me before i wore Premium Beautiful tau! sakit jiwa rasa. tp nak buat cane, our sedara gak kan? but kalau kite nampak kurus, takde plak nak compliment.. eish melayu..)

Also, a lot of friends inquiry about the raise of the first bonus from RM3000 to RM4500. The great thing is the bonus will be credited in during Hari Raya! Masa tu la nak kena keluar extra duit untuk cover duit raya, travelling balik kampung, bagi pada parents. just imagine you can give RM1,000 each as duit raya to your mom and dad. seronok kan?

Quotes from Sha:

For me doesn't matter you buat business full time ke part time, if kita ada desire untuk berjaya insha Allah jalan and cara sentiasa ada. It's all in your hand so, 

Just Do It :) 

Ok all!
That's it for now
Selamat berpuasa :)


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