Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Engagement Day, Sis!

It takes real luck to find that "special someone"
who's the perfect match for you
and now that you've found yours
here's wishing
a perfect-time-in-the-stars
for both of you
Nani and Aziz

Congrates on your engagement!
Selamat menjadi tunangan orang..
Semoga kekal ke jinjang pelamin..
Tahniah dan semoga bersedia menambah ilmu utk menjadi seorang isteri solehah..
I have to write in green for this post. why? The theme is all green!! At first, i wasn't agree with the color. the only color that i hate.. i know, green earth, green world, good for environment, good for eyes..bla bla bla.. i love the color relate to peace.
however, to make the color as one of my fav? no way? i wasn't sure why.. since i was a kid, my dad told me that i really hate that color..  and, out of many colors in the world, my sis chose this color..
"kaler ape utk tema, ni?" (ni - short for nani, what i called my sis)
"kaler hijau"
"ha? hijau? hijau ape? hijau muda?"
"tak la. hijau tua."
erm... i was surprised! but i know, she wants that color so bad.. then, let it be.. but honestly sis, i have to admit, it did turn out pretty nice in the picture! (even tho i took the pic using my handphone. can't wait to see the one with the professional photographer's).
The event was held on 21st Feb 2010 at my parents'. I was the one who's incharged of the make up and prep for my sis. fyi, i'm the eldest. this is my 2nd sis, who now works for Satyam, Cyberjaya. up until now, i'm still in a haze on her server + networking stuff she's doing. The rombongan, around 12 to 15 people came in the afternoon. After some discussion over the hantaran, cincin tanda and engagement ring, and quite some time over the date or "tarikh langsung", her fiance's mom came in the room we've prep in green to give the engagement ring and cincin tanda.
The interesting part was that Lissa was being held by more than 40 people throughout the event. most of them, my relatives, my mom's cousins, cousin's daughters, my mom's colleagues and neighbors. She was putting her sour  face, but didn't cry. she slept like for 5mins, and woke up whenever she heard other people's voice. i felt sorry for her for not having a real sleep and being disturbed by many many people. even her dress had some green smudge (from kuih seri muka), yellow smudge (from masak lemak cili api) and brown smudge (from choc cake). not to forget, her underarms were red and have sign of blister due to people holding her up most of the time. kesian betul anak mama ni. even tho she had this grumpy and muncung face, she didnt cry or whimper or whine. In conclusion, she totally knew how to behave and suck up to the pain..eish eishh..


Nani said...

Huhu...cantik je hijau...patut pakaikan Lissa baju hijau jgk....hihihi

airin diana said...

huhu..Sorry ye, Lissa takde baju hijau. tak jumpa yg comei. kalau ade, baru la beli..hehehe

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