Friday, March 19, 2010

90 days for Mums

I'm voting for this one!

1. Ensure the full recovery of a woman’s physical, emotional and mental state after delivering a child. (yes, we are going thru A LOT during this state)

2. Holding a full-time job while still breastfeeding is tough partly because workplaces do not meet the needs of nursing mothers (betul betul! Just look at my workplace for a fully bf mom.. pity me)
3. More maternity leave will allow mothers to provide better care for their newborns. (Definitely!)

4. Preparing to return to work is another emotional and mental trauma. The concern for the child’s care, love, affection, nutrition etc occupies the mother’s thoughts rendering her incapable of producing results up to her fullest capacity. Leave alone if the mother has no one to care for the child and has to leave the child at day care centre etc. Her thoughts are not just of the child but also the cost that accompanies the care. (Definitely TRUE!!! What happened to my baby - cold, fever, diarrhea - stay at day care center almost made me want to quit my job..)

Though some people would say, "baik tak payah keje".
Though I had experience some boring daily routine.
Though my processor works a lot slower than usual.
Though I might forget how to do my work.
Though female worker would be considered as a "Handicapped" being a pregnant woman and a mother
But I know this is worth it!
It is for our newborn.. It is for our kids..
Spending time with them, especially when they are just about to know the world.
Introducing them the whole new environment required time.

Nothing worth more than that. Correct?

So, mommies? Vote here!

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m@Ri@ said...

sama2 kita vote..;)

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