Monday, March 8, 2010

Walker-Rocker for Lissa

Lissa - having great time watching animated show
i wasnt sure what show it was. just thought it will attract her attention while i did major clean up for the house
Melopong sampai mama amik gambar dekat2 pun wat tak tau je ye..
Lissa, again, not feeling well on Friday night. Her babysitter told me that she was crying all day during the day. I was curious since Lissa wasn't a crying-baby type. She cried or merengek a lil then she moves on. It caught my attention later that night that her temperature was quite high. at 3 am, i gave her paracetamol. my husband joked that she didn't want to get her jab for 5th month on the next day.
The next morning, saturday, her temperature was quite normal. we went to her paed, Dr Tan. and he measured the temp and told us better wait for 3-4 days for her condition to return to normal. so we went back with more paracetamol and antibiotic. I was so frustrated and miserable that this was the fifth time she got sick. Her history goes like this :
  December 09 (early) - 2 month - cold fever + vomitting
  January 10 (mid) - 3 month - diarhea
  February 10 (early) - 4 month - fever + cough + having phlegm
  February 10 (end) - 4 month - feverish
  March 10 (early) - 5 month - feverish
Except for December 09, I knew most of her sickness due to her daycare center. The time she got diarhea was when the whole daycare got it too. In February, most of them were coughing and having slight fever. I started to think to find other daycare center for her. But finding the almost perfect, if not perfect, nursery wasn't easy. It's not the money that matter. It is how they take care of baby - esp lil baby like Lissa. What do u all mommies think?
I found this article from babycenter all about myths for flu and cold. They said that eventho babies got sick during the early years, it actually help them to be healthy for the long run. hmmm..
They also mentioned, if you catch a cold, it doesn't mean your immune system is weak. Luckily everytime Lissa got any sickness, she recovered within 1 to 2 days..Alhamdulillah..

  Additionally, i found an entry in one of bf mom's blog, Aisyah Mariam (i don't actually know her, found her blog from link of bloggers) who wrote about Bf and getting sick. She mentioned about baby who is fully bf sometimes got sick. It's just a matter of time..usually fully bf baby who got sick recover sooner than the one without.
Despite of Lissa's health condition, we went to My Dear Warehouse sale on Sunday evening for a quick grab-a-walker shop when her temperature went down.  Most of the strollers, car seat and walkers were pretty damn cheap! it was worth our money. the walker sold for RM20 to RM150. From price advertised in their website RM90, we could get it there for RM40. However, instead of having a RM20 walker, we bought a new design walker-convert-to-rocker type for RM130. Price advertised was RM199. Quite a bargain. we went for about 20 minutes and Lissa seemed excited with this new gadget we bought her. Now she can opt for position A (lie down), position B (sit on mama or abah's lap) or position C (sit on walker). yet, she chose to sit on walker as a rocker..haha.. but, instead of playing with those stuff in front of her, she was more into licking and taste those stuff. I've tried to teach her pushing the honk, but for now, that doesn't seem interesting to her. Next month lesson, i guess.

Lissa posed with her new walker



bestnye lissa duk atas walker..
Nadia tak beli kan Adam walker..kesian Adam!
betol,airin time Nadia jg Adam..smp 5 bulan..Nadia tk pernah bg dia PCM..caya tak?
cuma ubat colic kdg2 kena colic,but when I started to send him to nrsy..drama begin..
demam n flu sumtime yup,not a prolong feverish..Adam cepat recover..
but u r nak cr nursery yg boley jg anak kita elok2 ek..:( ..*sigh

airin diana said...

adam takpe..advanced..tak yah pakia walker dah bleh walk! hehe
wah, mmg best masa 5 bln tu kan. xde la susah hati tgk dia sakit kan? masuk nrsy, bukan setakat drama biasa yg kuar, cerekarama, nur kasih sumer kuar..hehehe.. alhamdulillah tak lama kan.. tp kan nadia, kalau kite cari yg len pun, sama jeik tak? ramai yg ckp mcm tu. tukar2 cane skali pun, drama tetap drama. bersiri2 ala citer sembilu, abih filem, convert to drama bersiri..huhu


betol Airin..
nk kena makayah jg sendiri br lah jadik filem..kadang2 je sakit :)

tp takpe..InsyaAllah Lissa tgh build antibodi tu

airin diana said...


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