Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lissa in Week 22

Lissa is now in Week 22. What's interesting in this week? Article from babiesonline really knows what's going on with Lissa..surprisingly..

Fact #1 :
Personality is the theme for this month.Your baby's personality is really starting to show now. Is he an adventuresome baby or he is content to just sit and play quietly with the toys you give him? Is he outgoing, interacting with strangers, or is he shy and quiet, choosing to hide his face in your arms when you are out?

Lissa - She doesn't know how to sit quietly. She'll roll and roll out of her bed, grab her toys and put inside her mouth, or she'll just make really high pitch sound (reminded me of dinasours from Jurasic Park..hehe).

Fact #2 :
Babies are fascinated by faces, eyes, noses, mouths, even glasses. Watch out for hair though, as they tend to start pulling it at this age.
Lissa - True!! She pulls her hair whenever she can! Let it be during the feeding or when she's sleepy or when she's bored with TV show. I already created songs showing mouth, nose, eyes, forehead, cheek, chin and ears. She laughs everytime I touch her ears. Love it! Cure for my busy and hectic day..

Fact #3 :
If you place a small object on the floor, your baby might be able to rake it towards him with his fingers. Always make sure it is not something that can be swallowed or that could be harmful to your baby. If you have introduced foods other than baby cereal, your baby might be able to pick up a small piece in his hand and bring it to his mouth to eat.
Lissa - Yes. She loves to pick up on anything around her. She even tries to pull my bracellet.

Fact #4 :
Is your baby still not sleeping through the night? Believe it or not this is normal. We all awaken several times a night, it is just at some point we learn to put ourselves back to sleep. Until your baby learns how to put himself back to sleep, you will be awoken at night when he awakens.
Lissa - Not true! Alhamdulillah, Thank God. I never face this situation. Lissa is a sleeping beauty. Only gets up once every night. she doesn't cry, but she sucks her thumb loudly, which makes me realize (and wake up) to feed her. usually for about 15 to 20 mins, then she'll doze off. Lucky me..!

Fact #5 :
Others choose to gradually start putting their baby to bed while the baby is still awake, letting them fall asleep on their own to begin with.
Lissa - Whenever she's sleepy, i'll send her inside our bedroom, and let her sleep by her own. I'll walk away from the room, and for a few minutes, peek her (usually i saw her tossing and turning like an adult - like me - and somehow fell asleep).


iNtAn aIzaN said...

alahai chomelnyer lissa :)
bilelah auntie dpt jumpa lissa yer..

smoga membesar menjadi anak yg solehah

airin diana said...

tu la auntie asek sibuk jeik.
Lissa anytime free ;)

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