Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to wake a husband up in the morning?

A totally new topic for today's entry..
and it is a reality, bukan rekaan..definitely..!

I'm hoping you could give me some tips on this matter : How to wake a husband up in the morning?

Define husband?
A guy who is married to you, who is the father to ur kid(s), who is always reluctant to get up especially early in the morning, who frequently pretends he didn't hear ur voice waking him up, who always tests ur patience in the morning (not to forget, who loves you head over heels, rite honey?)

I went through some surfing and found this article from wikihow.
When you have trouble waking up a friend or family member think of special ways that you can wake them up. You do not want to scare them, as it might shock them, so try to be gentle, and not make too much noise, just enough sounds to wake them up.. Just follow these easy, step-by-step instructions and you will know how to. (okay, lets try..)
1. Walk into the room and make a bit of noise but not too loud, or you will frighten them. Try swishing your jeans or pants as you walk and make sure you do no walk too silently. A little click of your heels will probably be enough.(hai, bertuah la if my husband wakes up hearing this)
 2. Try walking in, pretending that you are looking for something. Open some drawers, move stuff around. Play with the sheets and pretend that you are looking under the covers. (he'll just move away a lil bit, and continue his sleep)
3. Notice that if it doesn't work, try just walking in and talk really loud as if you didn't know that the person was sleeping. You could also have headphones and start singing a song really loud and when they wake up you could just say that you didn't notice that they were asleep.(even with my daugther crying out loud, he didn't seem to be disturbed by that)
4. Understand that if none of the above work, then do them all together. Walk in and swish your pants along with flip flops. Have head phones and sing really loud and dance and start looking for something (hmm.. mcm orang gile jeik..haha..!mau nye my husband terpikey buang tebiat ke? hehehe)
5. Look to see if you are doing this on the weekend when you do the laundry then you can do this while taking their laundry out of their room. If this on a school day, then you could just walk in and pretend to be looking for your backpack. If you are the parent, then you could be looking for their back pack and say that you were just going to pack for them(he'll be much more happy that it seems ok he proceeds with his sleep)
6. If you can't wake him/her up with steps above, try to touch carefully the bed/chair where your friend is sleeping. If it's very important that your friend wake up, call his/her name first quietly, then louder and louder. If you are lucky, your friend will wake without remembering why he/she woke (have happened, but he figured out that he could go back to sleep, pretended that he was still asleep and in very very deep sleep)
7. Avoid touching, especially if your friend is a different gender than you. If you touch, touch his/her hand carefully. Try to imagine how your friend would feel when he/she wakes up.
8. If all of the above fails, grab an end of the object they are sleeping on, and rotate it in such a manner as to "dump" them out of bed. This method always works. (Hahaha! this is a good one.. tapi mcm tak sampai hati jeik)
9. Sprinkle very little drops of water on the face if everything else seems to fail (have tried once, but right before i dropped the water, he was wide awake!)
10. Try spraying an aerosole spray on their bare foot (aiyoo..! bad idea!!)

Some of the Dont's :
1. Do not pour large amounts of water on them. (i'm not that cruel!!)
2. Do not try anything dangerous, such as tipping over the mattress.
3. Do not yell in their ear, as some people might have a serious reaction. (uishh,..bleh pekak ni)
4. Never shake someone awake or do anything to wake them suddenly. This can lead them to feel threatened and frightened or very angry with you. You should be gentle with people. 
5. Do not block their airways as it might cause them to wake in panic. (this one is funny. i can't imagine how terrible he'll look when he can't breathe..hehehhe-notie notie idea!)

Note to my husband : No matter what, remember this honey, i still love you.. ;)

Sleeps like a baby - Lissa

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