Friday, March 26, 2010

Countdown to a 6-month moment!

Yes yes yes..!
I'm counting down to days for Lissa to become a 6-month-old baby.
Counting down to her half-birthday..
Only 1 week to that important date..
Why it is so damn important?

1. She and her mama completed our course of 6 months exclusively breastfed

2. She'll most likely manage to sit on her own, without any support - then she can sit on her high-chair without disturbing her mama and abah during dinner. yeay! even in the babyzone they mentioned about dining out with baby :
Alrite readers, I'll be on leave from monday til thursday. wait for my updates for her half birthday next Friday!
Take care.
P/S : Planning to shave Lissa's head.. should i or should not?

If Baby is sitting in the high chair, this is a fun time to take him out to eat. It is very important to prepare before going to the restaurant. Do your research. Here are some dining-out tips from other experienced parents:
-Choose a restaurant that will seat you right away or takes reservations. (Of course we'll prefer airconditioning restaurant and non-smoking)
-Make sure high chairs are available. (A Must!)
-Go early—late dinners do not bode well for most babies.
-Consider a window seat or outside seating. (To attract her attention towards surrounding. Not a dull wall)
-People walking by or cars moving on the street make great distractions for Baby. A water feature, such as a fountain, is ideal. (hmm.. The Curve?)
-If Baby is eating solids, have a selection ready as soon as you sit down. A hungry baby and a long wait for food do not mix. Finger foods (if appropriate) often take up a nice chunk of time and keep Baby happily challenged using his fingers. (can't wait for this moment!!excited je ek..)
-Remember, a baby loves to grab interesting objects, so be careful of plates, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, and other items on the table. (oh, definitely. not only when she knows how to sit, but currently - already possessed this skill)
-Consider the wait and bus staff after the meal is over. If your baby has really gone to town and made a huge mess under the high chair, clean up as much as you can and tip big. (erk? do we have to? hehehe)
3. From babyzone development progress, baby at 6 months old has First Real Babbles - Just last nite, she woke up around 4 am and started talking (ok, i mean babbling). I was in shock + still in sleepy mode, turned to her and saw her bright eyes. Since I was sooo damn sleepy, instead of entertain her, I breastfed her and somehow she suckled and fell asleep after like 10 minutes. Seriously, I wasn't sure if she was actually awake or she had her moment of dreaming, mengigau and talked during her sleep..
Most parents ask if a baby is just making sounds or if he is calling out to his parents. He likely doesn't make the connection with the sound and the person just yet, but keep responding and repeating these sounds back. Pretty soon, he'll be calling out for you, specifically. (Hopefully not in the middle of the night!) <--There u go, Lissa!

4. The most important moment afterall is that she's ready to have her solid food!! I've prepared a special blender for her (which is from our wedding present - Thanks to people who gave us, can't really recall who) & chopper (thanks to my mom). and as suggested by my advisor, mommy nadia, i need to shop for these weaning stages. can't wait!!
Highlight for this : ALLERGY!! I'm not sure if Lissa is gonna have any allergy. As for me, i dont have any, i just prefer not to have some food (ie : A big NO-NO to durian; kelapa muda; tempe; most of shelled seafood except prawn and crab; and the list goes on and on.. picky, rite? hehe. can't help it. i just don't like the taste. it's not that i haven't tried.

So mommies, here are some example of food that are known to be the least allergenic, including:
1. sweet potatoes
2. rice and barley cereal
3. squash

Avoid highly allergenic foods such as:

1. berries
2. dairy products
3. chocolate
4. citrus fruits
5. egg whites
6. nuts
7. shellfish
8. soy (will this include soy sauce aka kicap?)

Thinking about this coming 6-month touchdown, really made me realized, how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday when i gave birth to Lissa.
1 hour after birth - 2.47 kg , 2nd October 2009
2-day-old : First bath with her nenek
1st expressed milk after 3rd day of delivery
1st established expressed milk reached 2.5 oz! after 5th day of birth
7-day-old, gaining weight





1 and half-month-old

(more pix afterwards)
I'm gonna be on leave from monday to thursday. wait for my updates next week
PS: thinking about shaving Lissa's head.. should i?



wah Airin lama cuti g mane??
btw Adam dari lahir dah 4-5 kal shave and cut!!hehehe
sweet potatoe allergy ke?Adam ok aje nadia letak dlm porridge dia..:)

btw happy holidays!!

m@Ri@ said...

bgsny dpt exclusive breastfeed..mcm aqil tak dpt exclusive sbb aritu mak die ni bg minum air masak skit..;(

apepun happy becoming 6month birthday lissa

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