Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was so furious with Lissa's babysitter.
I was so angry that i don't know how to start this entry.
(trying to cool down....)

let me start..

Last Monday, after work, I picked up Lissa from her day care center, along with my husband. As usual, I asked the babysitter (bs) how she was the whole day - tido lama tak, minum susu cukup tak, nangis tak, yak-yak tak.. and the bs told me she slept ok, but when she woke up at noon, and saw her kawan2 were eating, she cried. "kami suapkan dia nestum tadi. dia mau makan bila tengok kawan2 dia makan, sebab tu dia menangis" Oh come on!! she is just a baby who doesn't know anything! how come she cried when she saw people eating. how come she can demand for food when she was just fed breastmilk (bm)? she will only cry when she's sleepy or when she's hungry. she doesnt care if it is milk or soup or rice or whatever it is, as long as it makes her full. i told the bs "kenapa bagi dia makan? dia belum boleh makan lagi... bagi dia susu saje. susu yang saya bagi hari2 tu. jangan bagi makan" "oh, tak boleh ke kak? bukan dia dah boleh makan ke?" eiiii.. aku ketuk kepala karang!! (dlm hati je la..)
I am waiting for the perfect time to feed her.. I want to be the first one who give her solid food. I know that she isnt ready yet, looking at her consumption of my ebm. although her frequent of getting up at nite increased (from once to twice per nite before, increased to 4 to 6 times per nite within last week.) I'll wait for her 6-month-birthday next week.
Luckily, her bs said,"sikit je kami bagi. setakat bagi rasa saje"(i hope that's true)..
Can't wait for this week to be over. another 2 days to go. By next week, I'll be on leave from monday to thursday, then, my lil sis will take care of her until she gets her place in any U for her degree or diploma. After that, for sure, i'll get extra headache, searching for new day care center for Lissa..
Oh, btw, my husband told me "Budak kampung boleh la bagi macam2.kopi-o la, coke la.. tapi lissa ni budak bandar" no offense, but orang dulu2 fed their kids with almost anything.. but for Lissa, we want to control her intake.. want to make the healthiest food that she'll grow up healthy and smart. i dont care what people say, i know what's best for my kid, okay..

Alrite, enuff about those stubborn+ngokngek babysitter..
Last weekend we went to my parents, helping them with moving out from KL to Nilai. tired but happy could lend them our hand. and special special thanks to my hubby for working extra extra hard, moving all the heavy stuff from 3rd floor (without elevator-only stairs)..
Lissa lending out her feet during her grandparents moving out
Lissa eyeing her mama while giving her the foot warning
this pix is one of the funniest. i found my snow cap back in the US some how stucked inside one of the drawer at our Nilai's house.
Lissa posed with her lovely nenek.
Yeah! new posed by Lissa 
After one whole day of mengemas, already tired Lissa, bumbum with my dad's massaged pillow. very beady and comfy



Owh no!!nadia rs nak tolong pergi ketuk kepala bbsitter tu!geram k..
nadia pun malas je nak pike pasal bbsitter tau..wonder jgak bbsitter adam bg tak makan mase kecik2 dulu..hopefully no la!
n wonder cm dia handle ebm,betul ke thawing..takut masuk atas dapur terus!!sb malas..kan?

tp mmg kalau org yg tak tahu..umur 4 bulan dia dah bg nestum..ktnye tak mane makan banyak k..!!
n plus takkan nak bg nestum,mesti something healthy kan!!
sabar ek..nanti nadia bg no nursery bawah tu..

plus,tgk lissa angkat kaki nk gelak ingat Adam,kalau tgh bfeed,then I asked him.."where's ur smelly smelly feet"..terus dia angkat mcm lissa tu hah..then letak betul2 kat hidung nadia..geram!

besar dah lissa kan..kejap aje dah 6 bulan..go for weaning stuff shopp'..bestbest!!

airin diana said...

tu la kan.. kita taktau mcmn diorang handle baby kita kan.. kalau la boleh dok umah until diorg at least 2 years old...
memang org dulu2 ni suka sgt la bagi nestum. ape2 je nestum. skrg kan dah ade study ckp first solid food, bagi rice. paling kurang allergy reaction. pastu bile dia dah expert, bleh la bagi bende2 lain. diorg mmg suka bagi nestum sbb senang. benci tul

haha.. ye ke? diorg ni mmg suka wat act acrobatic. cutenye adam. tp rsnye jari dia mesti montel2, tak muat dlm idung nadia..heheheh

erm.. besar dah lissa.. alhamdulillah, akhirnye dah nak complete my 6-month course ;) harap2 bleh la sambung til she's 2. eh weaning stuff bleh shopping ape? tips!


shopp' weaning..sgt best!
my fren amik cuti tau on the day her baby 6 months..smngt btol..!
biasa beli kan bowl,spoon,bip dia je la..
kalau mothercare ade sale skang..brand cm MAM,Mothercare,Nuby ok..yg penting mesti BPA nanti kan nak strelize sentiasa..lg elok cr BPA free..
then, boleh lah nak bg lissa try puree such banana,strawberry..oh yea..kalau nak beli blander khas utk bb pun lg bagus..Avent ada yg kecik,portable bawak g jalan2 nanti..
so dah plan menu ape nk bg..find the book for baby's menu jgak!the one nadia pernah suggest pun ok!
good luck dear!!

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