Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How do you do it, Airin?

Who's that tomel tomel gurl?
It's me, mama.
Who's "me"?
Lissa, mama.
(yes, just imagining my baby girl talking to me. can't wait for that moment)

As of today, some of my colleague already noticed my weight loss..unintended weight loss..a few of them were looking me in curious way, which was scary!
Airin, nak tanya rahsia la
Rahsia ape?
Dah overhaul engine pun bleh maintain paksi x lagi?
To those who doesn't know what they meant was how did i maintain my slim (slim la sangat) body even tho i've just given birth and eat like hell..hehe. my answer was:
Oh, bertangas..bertangas and bertangas
makan, minum, tido sumer atas bara..hahaha
(yelah tu, bertangas for only 30 mins, then bising2 to my mom "dah ye ma?" hehe..cengkelat tul)

hmm.. answering to those who asked, here there are (my secret...) :

  1. 1. Follow all your pantang routine - bertangas (of course!one of the fastest way to loose all those flabby thing around ur waist), berlumur (not sure wut people called it, but put all those jamu on ur stomach and all over body), eat all hot and hangat food such as ginger (eat it and drink blended ginger, yummy!! correction, yuck!) and black pepper (smeared over fish or chicken, mixed with ur rice, and much much delicious when my husband smashed the lada hitam with lesung batu himself. love love it!!)

  2. 2. Eat in small portion, frequently so that ur stomach doesn't have a chance to get hungry or empty (and please avoid all those junk food)

  3. 3. Do all housework by yourself (mopping, do dishes, laundry, fold, sweep, clean toilet etc)

  4. 4. Manage your baby

  5. 5. Thank God for my high metabolism

  6. 6. Lastly, the most ultimate way : Breastfeed your baby!
Not only I got back my pre-pregnancy weight , I even have it lower than that. I gained 9 kg during my pregnancy. Pre-preggy weight was 57 kg, during the 1st trimester i lost a few kg : 53 kg, Pregnancy weight : 62 kg. Last month i weighted around 56 kg, and now I am 53 kg. I have to gain back my weight so that I have enuff energy for my daily activity including full committment for breastfeeding. Any idea?

I love going out to Sunway Pyramid. why? because they have Jusco and Parkson, which have all the baby room/parents room/mother's room for Lissa.
Me while breastfeeding Lissa.

Nice decoration. Good job, Parkson!

Abah, with happy-full-and-contented Lissa 
Me again with very-curious-how-does-a-sunglasses-taste Lissa
Lissa and abah, dressing up before continue shopping

We are ready to go!
Thank you Parkson!



alamak Airin..Nadia tk turun sgt lah sejak2 akhir ni..mkn over2 kurang dah start berkayak kat kolam bawah dah..jeles tgk Airin slim..huhuhu..
time ni g nursing room best lg..dahsize Adam tiap kali nk babbab,cancel..tgk mainan terus lupa nak minum..tensen!!!

airin diana said...

sebenarnye kan nadia, weight mmg turun, suar mmg longgar, tapi..hakikatnye, perut tak turun2 pun..muahaha..yg len dah susut. perut ni je.. nak join berkayak bleh? hehehe
ooh, senang lg la kalau mcm tu.. tak terkejar2 cari nursing room. tunjuk ke power rangers ke barney ke, mesti lupa..hehe

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