Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Great Trip (Part I)

Hi everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..oh, a bit late..sorry :D 
I guess everyone's pumped up after quite a long holiday, like me! especially with the long rest provided by company, and also with my hubby present by my side the whole time (luckily our factory was definitely closed, if not, he'll be working his ass off for all the OT provided..) sorry mr hubby, u r not allowed to work during this holiday ;)
what we did for this break?
what do you think interesting that we should do?
yes yes!
a trip to Cameron Highlands!
here lissa so excited in her car seat on our way up to Cameron Highlands..but wait for the surprise!
oh yes, forgot to mention, of course, trip balik kampung for the Raya Korban.
This Raya Korban, for the 2nd year in a row, we went back Batu Pahat, since my mother-in-laws told us that they made a korban this year for my husband and his siblings.
We planned for a two-day-one-night stay since we hv another plan on the other day. we went back on Tuesday evening, arrived around 8 pm, right on time for dinner!
The next day, getting up earlier was my only option since everyone in the house already woken up by the time i'm about to wash my face..hehehe.. a bit tak senonoh. but i hv my own reason. hv to wake up a few times for lissa at night.. ;)
Lissa playing with her "laptop" the whole morning while we waited for others to get back from Solat Sunat Aidiladha.
(yes, again, i hv to wait alone with lissa)

Lissa with her cousin
again, playing laptop, though wearing baju kurung, just look at where her legs were.
Look at Lissa's abah. Right after the korban, he fell asleep through the day..eish eish
(now i noticed, i wasnt in the pictures anywhere)
The Cameron Highlands Story
Now, we come to the exciting story..
the cheeky girl

the handsome driver..hihihi
then, fell asleep all the way up to Cameron Highlands

the naked girl after she throwed up..(yes she throwed up after a long nap)

excited on her own bed - watching TV

very very excited on her own bed

look at her, sooo excited
 alrite..enuff with a very quick update. i'll update later on the 2nd episode ;)


dbalkis said...

hai..baru je follow ur blog from old is ur girl eh? baiknye still in car seat. my son haram meraung since 1yr++. fail car seat training.

airin diana said...

hi!welcome to my blog yg x seberapa ni :)
my daughter skrg almost 14 months old. ala tpaksa dok dlm car seat. kdg2 tu merengek sket2, kitorg wat taktau jeik. kalau tahap meraung tu, tpaksa gak la amik dia. tgk mood gak kot..
ur son dah brp thn dah? cute boy!

dbalkis said...

my son 22mths..dekat 2 taun dah. tapi refused car seat since 14-16mths gitu..give dah..suke ati die je nak jalan ke depan belakang..


wah wah Lissa..bercuti yer!!
Airin, Lissa's expression kan mmg cheecky tau!!
mesti mommy dia sabar layan keletah si Lissa ni..
Nadia tk pernah smp Cameron..terok btul..plan nak bawah Adam g dah lama ..nak ajak dia g strawberry picking..

cepat2 update 2nnd episode ;)

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