Monday, August 30, 2010

A Ramadhan Miracle

A sad thing happened lately. in fact it happened in front of my eyes!

Yesterday, my husband and i were in a car after our lil shopping at bazaar ramadhan at shah alam stadium. it was almost 7 pm, near berbuka puasa time. we stopped at the traffic light near my previously rented apt, Brunsfield Apartment. We were surprised to see multiple police cars stopped on the side of the road. we saw a package covered with something looked like plastic bag. We were guessing it's either a body or a baby.
This morning i came across an article in the harian metro, it was a baby. and luckily he is still alive! alhamdulillah.. what a ramadhan miracle. how could a mother left her baby, hanging on the papan tanda next to a road? i just couldnt believe how she has the heart to do it.. luckily somebody found it and called the police, right on time. i couldnt imagine what would happen if no one found the baby..and it was almost raining that time...
my heart prays for this baby..
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