Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Fasting Month Experience

A few pix taken during Ramadhan..Just for our memory as our first fasting month experience as a family : 2 plus 1 (previous Ramadhan : 2 and a half ~me as an 8-mth preggy)
words cant describe more.. ehhehe (actually, im out of idea to write)
First berbuka puasa we had outside of our apt was at McDonald. It was surprising that Mr Abah suggested the place (since i know he usually looks forward nasi and all malay food). Oh, btw, can u see a couple sat behind lissa? Funny story, the guy drank his drink right after he put the tray on the table, without noticing that it wasnt 7 pm yet! The funny thing was, he suddenly realized that and laughed out loud saying "eh belum berbuka lagi laaa". I couldnt control my smile, smile back at him. Later the girl gave one french fries to Lissa, which i guess for cover line..hehe.
Waiting for time to break fast! ~oh, while watching tv : Epilog Syurga Cinta
Lissa with her makngah - who has to sit nearby while Lissa explored the whole house (Location @ Nilai 3-my parents')
How bersungguh she tried to get away from her makngah!
and suddenly turned to show the "look"
- pictures taken when we went back to Nilai 3 for berbuka puasa with my parents and siblings.
i believe this Ramadhan we didnt have the opportunity to go back to my husband's at Bt Pahat since we already planned to get there earlier before hari raya up to 2nd hari raya. Yes, this year it's my husband's turn. some of my friends wonder if i might get upset. honestly, no. and i'm actually excited to celebrate hari raya at my husbnd's as it will be my first. Last hari raya i was expecting, and we couldnt travel far. we managed to celebrate hari raya at my mom's kampung, Rembau. now, it's time for a new experience for us, along with lissa. not to forget, the bazaar there was extremely exciting! a kepala ikan asam pedas, sata, botok and a lot more food which i never come across before.. oh, can't wait!

I guess that's all for now. let's wait for another entry.. ;)

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