Monday, August 23, 2010

Shopping.Breaking Fast.Lissa

We went for a preliminary shopping last saturday at Plaza Massalam, since we wanted to break fast at Famous Thai.

Episode 1 : Preliminary Shopping
mr hubby choosing shirt
Lissa eyeing her mama with a can-i-have-this look
Lissa also busy with her selection (that was my husband's hand, and look at lissa's, bergerak2 choose baju kononnye!! funny tul!)

Episode 2 : Breaking Fast
Lissa waiting for berbuka time (mcm la puasa, kan?)
the tom yam
daging masak merah
alamak, tengah puasa ni, tgk makanan mmg mncabar..hehe. other orders selamat dimakan before pictures  been taken :)
abah, while waiting for berbuka time
mama - kekenyangan face

Episode 3 : Lissa
I've been worried about Lissa lately. Why?
I think she didn't have enough food or milk.
Just look at this picture :
her guitar were showing. i'd say : cekeding nye anak mama ni
i gave her pasta last week. she loved it, this was actually half of the portion i gave her. and she managed to finish it. that's why i wonder, why she didnt put on her weight (the weight increased around 300 grams since last month). she ate a lot and also frequent.
mommies, any ideas? any thoughts to share?
She knew when to take of her bib, right after i said, last one! Good Girl!

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