Thursday, August 26, 2010

work and new house

im getting busy each day. i cant find time to update my blog..
today im going to our rival in the automotive industry..
just to have a look at their process.
it is still remain a secret what we are up to.(and i cant elaborate more)
hopefully we get all the cooperation from them.

oh, btw, since the increment and all the incentives we received from our beloved company lately, i cant spoil myself with stuff that i want.
(applied to my husband too!)
we just received key to our new home!
and as everybody knows
a lot of money needed for a new house
insyaAllah, by end of this year, we'll be moving out from our indahria apartment
sedey la plak...
i love the apartment, though i know it'll be our short stay there while waiting for our new house.
i'm thinking of selling it, but when i talked to one of the agent, the rent rate at the apt is high.
so, i changed the decision to rent it. but it'll be some time before i could rent it out.
most likely early next year.

last week we met with a contractor for some renovation estimation
to tell you, it is A LOT!!
and this week, we r going to meet with another contractor recommended by my ofcemate, whom i believe would offer a better deal ;)
i'll update on the progress of what to do with the new house later.
(oh, and of course some pix )

oh, before i go, here are pix of lissa (just to make sure that this entry wont be a pictureless entry..hehe):
Lissa getting busy at kitchen (i purposely put all the dishes down to keep her busy)

i'm ready to go - about to go to a berbuka puasa @ Saujana Hyatt last week.

till then!

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