Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Stuff.. Cant Hardly wait!

What's that?
You wonder... (eh ade ke org nak wonder..hehe)

During the Home Deco Carnival held at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam last weekend, we went out and splurge for our house
Yes, i mean splurge!! A BIG one! (aduh, garu kapla!)
We felt in looove with the Elizabeth Mattress by Dunlopillo  
It is a 14" thick mattress..with a very comfortable feeling!
Like the Dunlopillo said : (click here)
After a long day, your body deserves to be rewarded with the Royale Collection by Dunlopillo. The Elizabeth range presents 34cm of support and comfort for the discerning individual who desires the best.

The bed frame is by Hatch (sorry, totally forgot to take pix of this bedframe!)
It was very stylish and elegant plus, i choose RED color for the frame!! 
Like my husband said to the tokeh kedai, "ini kaler red aarr..utk org muda macam dia. bukan saya. saya sudah tua"
HAHA funny la tu ek.. :P
I dont know why this year's theme is RED!

Another purchase...
The Recliner!
The unofficial duta, Ms Saniah! haha!
Yes, FOUR seater. puas hati sket sumer org bleh duduk sambil baring2 tengok movie.. yeay!!
(right now baru terpikey, where im gonna put the existing 2-seater and 3-seater and another 3-seater sofa? aiyayaya)
Oh, this recliner also in RED color.. what do you think? pelik tak nanti? Tiba2 rs mcm awkward plak living room if one sofa in Red.

Both of the furnitures cost us RMxx,xxx.. so, no more furniture shopping next yr ek! Either raya ke tak raya ke... no no!

Expecting some time next month for the delivery.. Cant hardly Wait!!!

PS : Bile dah ade extra side income ni, baru la boleh pikey nak beli brg2 extra mewah sket. klu dulu harap gaji je, agak la sukarrr..hihihi


mommyNadia said...

Perghhh...canggihlah Airin =)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

canggih la sket2 nadia

Wan Amira said...

i also falling in love with the mattress!! mnearik sungguh, but for the 4 seater.. walaupun i suke tapi rumah i tak muat :(

Airin Diana Anuar said...

kan, mira? sgt empuk..nyaman gituuu..hehe
tak amik 4 seater, mira amik 2 seater. lg syok sbb mcm teater like :)

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