Thursday, December 20, 2012

Focus & Target ..GO!

My Focus are:
Of course la family come number one. Although how important or how big the meeting would be, ade PC ke, ade Morning meeting with Director ke, if something happen to my kids or hubby, say Lissa demam or Hanie suddenly vomitting ke, haruslah amik Emergency Leave. 


It's either like it or not, this is the main contribution to number 1. without work, i dont have money. without money (YES, everything now needs money), i cant have happy family. Since now i have two in WORK category, i have to work smart. Main work, delegate and time management. Part time, definitely during free time, (yeah, i got the leisure of doing it online...which is anytime!) The GREAT thing is that I have now two incomes every month! tu yg penting..hehe

What i want in LIFE?
1. Quality Time
-yes, with family.


-with money, i can spend almost anything..
-sape kata duit tak penting tu, tipu yer.. dlm Islam, pegi Haji pun kena mampu dan berduit kan

3. Trip aka jalan-jalan

-Next year, insyaAllah, Shanghai will be on the list babeh!

With this part time business, i can get:
1. EXTRA extra MONEY
from 4 figures to 6 figures income. You can get 6 figures income within 2 years (vs my main work, 7 years...yet, separuh ke 5 figures pun jgn harap la...)
Semua pun boleh buat. In our group, we have professionals (made of 90% of us), we have ex clerk, we have ex housewife (our leader was a full time housewife, now after 4 years are millionaires with RMxxx,xxx monthly income. We are talking about Hanis Haizi)

2. FREE Holidayyy

Next year, Free fully sponsored 5 stars trip to SHANGHAI! (oh, kena cepat2 google Shanghai ni)
Jom, sape nak ikut :)
3. Dream CAR
InsyaAllah within 2 years dream car will arrive.
ahemm dah usha2 sket price and inspiration

4. Quality TIME

with kids and chenta hati.. targeting within 2 years, I'll be doing this business full time. insyaAllah!
Just imagine how much time we spent outside working and how much extra time I'll have once I do the biz fulltime.

Why this biz?
1. The stable company
HAI-O Marketing is a well established company with Halal and syariah compliance

2. Great leader

To lead and show tips on how she did it and success within 2 years in biz.

3. Well established and well know products
Premium Beautiful SuperBRand product since 2007 with LIFETIME warranty
BIOZone Food Purifier effective product
and many more great products

4. Easy for Achievement
It's all done in GROUP. Senang naik pangkat, senang achieve bonus besar :)

Who is Hanis Haizi?
Our CDM Celebrity
Within 4 years in business, achieve RMxxx,xxx monthly income.
Very determined
Great leader - sharing tips and open academy for us, newbies (Green Leader Academy Malaysia)
featured in Safiyya TV9 and Bella NTV7 this month
In Radzuan Radziwil dress
Read it here for full version
Interviewed by NTV7 Bella Crew
In Safiyya, showing her shoes collection, handbags and designer dresses
In conclusion, anyone would envy her. But now is the time to take actions and follow her guide on how she did it!

Our rebate ends this month. Get extra RM1500 to RM3500 first bonus ended this month. Grab it now!
Contact me for details.


Fieza Nordin said...

pray for our success..

Fieza Nordin said...

pray for our success..

Airin Diana Anuar said...

InsyaAllah fiza.. bile kite berusaha, Allah akan bagi ganjaran yg setimpal.
We can do it!!

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