Friday, December 7, 2012

BBPlus Collagen Model in the making

Let me introduce this new anti-aging product
I am officially the model of this product distributed by my mom
The BBPllus Colagen
Now on SALE! 
Kulit muka lebih cantik dan anjal ;)
Muka lebih ceria dan berseri
Eventho my sister looked so envy and jealous at me
Now, she's trying to consume this BBPlus Collagen
Oh yeah, Hanie, you definitely look much younger and cuter!
Tapi tak boleh lawan kakak, lagi ceria!
Now, Tidur pun lebih lena
My Abah said, my mom looks much younger now with very minimal or no makeup at all!
Thank you mom for giving me chance to appear in the ad for BBPlus Colagen!
Now I'm more confident and feel young (erk, younger than 3 years old? haha)

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