Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crown Diamond Manager Award 2012

Congratulations Sha Khalid!
Who is this Sha Khalid?
She is one of our top dedicated leader, who never fail to guide us. 
She is a working mom, engineer at one of the leading IT company, along with husband, an engineer, but still want to find opportunity for business to achieve TIME freedom.
And within one year ++ in business (yes, doing it part time), she managed to reach the highest level in this business (we have only 5 levels to achieve). with income , she is on top of the world!
From driving a VIVA to Mercedes Benz! (click here)

Last month, our company held an award to celebrate these top achievers. read her full review here
On top of the world with her backbone, mr husband
With General Manager Hai-O Mr. Teoh Nee Siang & Pengerusi Hai-O Tan Sri Osman S Cassim
With our president of Green Leader Group, Hanis Haizi and husband Razali Zain
*Hanis wore Radzuan Radzwill dress, puluhan ribu dress! wow!
With pride and joy.. now she's moving forward to lead us and let's achieve more..

with this business, not only you get extra money as side income, you'll also get FREE oversea trips 3 times per year, you'll get CAR FUND where you can get your DREAM CAR, you'll get to dress up for function and my main aim is TIME with family.
Diamond Night, here we come!

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