Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lissa and Daycare

She came out to me the other morning and said..
Lissa : Mama, xnak g daycare. Kakak nak g skool (the school close now since it is school holiday)
Me  : Nape tanak gi daycare?
Lissa  : Tak ebesh (read : Tak best)
Me  : Nape tak best?
Lissa  : Friend xde. Skool ebesh
Me  : Nape skool best?
Lissa  : Sebab skool ade cut and paste. Ade draw. ade kaler. daycare takde. kakak asek tengok tv je. pastu sleep. boring tau
Me  : Ermmmmmm..speechless

Talking about her development in her school, she can now read A to Z and very well count from 1 to 54 (i guess). She recognized most of colors, ESPECIALLY PINK! everything nak pink, jenuh mak dia..(including drink, okay! Sirap Bandung please!) She also now knows how to demand from her parents. Whenever she wants something, she knows that she has to do something in return. 

To my surprise, she knows how to use scissor. terkejut i bila tengok dia tengah potong2 kertas..she's a lefthanded person,so mmg pelik la tgk potong kertas pakai tangan kiri dgn jayanye! Thanks to her teacher for all the arts class. 

She loves dancing and singing especially the Oh My English song. siap ade gelek and lompat2 lengkap!

On other department, the spiritual portion, yes, she knows alif ba ta quite well. even her grandmother (my husband's mom) surprised with that. she now teaches kids at home mengaji and all. but she never encounter any kids below 4 can read the iqra well.. Alhamdulillah.. she also knows solat and wudu'. 

Talking about the potty train, which I've rambled and nagged in previous post (read here), she now is much much independent and well-managed. Usually she refused to wear any diaper during the day and when go for poo poo, she knows that I am very strict and she has to go on the toilet bowl, instead of toilet floor.

So, seeing these tremendous developments, we decided to continue enrolling her with the same school, My Little Impian Playhouse in the same class, when it is now it's her time : The "4 year old" class for next year.
*Alamak,. tiba2 teringat tak upload concert day Lissa! Will do in the next entry!!
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