Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lipstick and ladies

Hi all!

Today i'd like to share about the new Cozuma Lipstick from Hai-O Marketing.

I've tried it and i loooove it so much!

Since my lips are quite sensitive to some chemicals in the lipstick (yes, i cant even wear Estee Lauder lipstick) which will make my lips crack and started to dry off, I am a bit skeptical to try any new lipsticks in the market.
However since i tried this cozuma lipstick, i am falling in love with it!

Bought 1 stick first, the Berry Me and i believe it suits me well.
Just look at how the lipstick has chapped marks. dah guna banyak kali :)

promo lipstick
If it is clear ;) wearing berry me this morning to office

This is another lipstick, Lolly Pink.
Pinkish and sweet color.
What's so special about this Cozuma Lipstick?

  • It has Papaya fruit extract and collagen spheres for plumping up lips
  • Safflower Seed Oil and cottonseed oil for superior glide and satin finish
  • Vitamin C and E for lip protection from harsh environment
  • Squalane for a smooth, lightweight feeling

There you go!
More reasons to own this lipstick now.

Now you want to know how much?
The retail price RM35 each.

I have special promo now.
with every 2 sticks, you're entitled to get RM5 discounts!
Just mention #beautywithairin and i'll reward you with the discounts.

Hurry up!


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