Thursday, April 10, 2014

Motherhood : Hanie Myazara Birthday and Olaf by Frozen

Hi all!

This month is the month for Hanie Myazara.
She'll turn 3 years old by 21st April 2014.

And you know what?
She already planned to get an Olaf birthday cake this time.
Oh My, kids nowadays.

Sangat cute birthday cake like this!
This movie and the Let It Go song are haunting me!!!
How time flies!! Still remember the day I delivered Hanie. (click here for Throwback entry). Rasa kejap betul 3 tahun.. dari baby, kaki sebesar tapak tangan, now dah boleh berlari and sing songs and also recite du'a makan and alfatihah..

21st April 2011
1 year old passport picture
No teeth 6 months old baby, right before the botak chin mode


1 year old Hanie at Bandung, enjoying pisang cheese
approaching 2 and half year old
Very recent photo of her last month

Going to school

Ikut je apa yang kakak buat.
A 3 year old joining the 4 year old class
2014 January's visit to Singapore

And si penyibuk during mama and abah's selfie time

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