Friday, April 25, 2014

It is time to say Good Bye


It is now time to say good bye to Proton.
It has been ups and downs.
Been working with Proton for more than 8 years now.
My first job, where i gain a lot of experience, since I was in my 23 years old. Now dah 32 years old. the number, so irony ;)
Dari bujang, anak dara, kanak-kanak riang, til now dah kawin and ada anak dua dah..
Tempat i found my jodoh.
Tempat belajar erti hidup.
Masa Proton launched Satria Neo til now Preve.
Lama jugak bila dikenang.

Anyway, let me refresh a bit in 2005. Just graduated from Purdue University, US, I got back home with passion to work. Applied Proton through the I didnt realize it was for a trainee program until i went for interview. That interviewer siap tanya lagi, are you okay with the starting salary of RM1k? I was shocked, tapi buat-buat okay je. 
Then bila dapat tahu i got the job, without any driving license and no skill of driving, pening kepala masa tu pikey cane nak pegi keje. 
So kalut apply driving school. postpone masuk Proton right after raya. Blaja driving and test kereta masa bulan puasa, and within 2 weeks! memang kagum with myself la. dari penakut nak drive, dari tak tau ape2, terus tere.cewah! that's where when you terdesak, when uve got no choice, memang you can do it!

ok then i report duty on 15th November 2005. Masa tu datang straight to Proton's Main plant. HR. they briefed us a bit on proton, then they started assigning us to the department.
and to my surprised, i was the last one.
macam terkejut jugak, when instead of showing me where the department is, they gave me a map!
rupanya, tercampak dekat one of the department at Glenmarie! masa tu dengan tak tau jalan, baru 2nd time drive kot, terus kalut. map lukis tangan je tau! dah la hujan renyai2. can you imagine how!!
drive kancil manual hokay! tere tak i? hehe

then dah sampai at Proton Casting Plant, the only factory in Malaysia which manufactured engine from scratch!!
From raw material, besi buruk tu, melted dalam furnace up to 1400 degree Celcius, then tuang dalam mold, sampai keras jadi engine block. so dari tak kenal apa itu engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, brake disc, knuckles, bearing cap, terus kenal dan lebih mesra gitu! lol! 
so bermula la episode bergelumang dengan kotor, panas, terik dalam kilang. but what i do remember most is the friendship that bonded over there. When i first report duty at Proton Casting, i was the only female engineer kat situ. so bayangkan how i face all those guys yg skeptical about woman and kilang panas.
but it was fun there. sangat-sangat seronok. mula-mula memang la blur kan. tak tau langsung about casting, foundry, but bila dah tau, memang fun. it was different from other place.
If i was bored or stress buat report, i boleh turun line and mingle with the people. memang baik hati. senang nak bekerjasama dengan casting people.
After 1 year sorang2 perempuan kat situ, then masuk 2 other female engineers. Saniah and Dayang. These two lah yang paling bermakna dalam hidup. and even until now i treasure the relationship. 
Then after 6 years in Casting, it was time for me to berhijrah to another department. get a new environment.
It is the Technical Procurement Department.
Doing totally a new and different things. but i definitely enjoy the 2 years in GTP.

Then now it's time to say good bye.

Time for berhijrah ke dunia baru :)

I wish all my friends and colleague a very best of luck.

Til we meet again


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