Friday, July 27, 2012

Ramadhan & business

Alhamdulillah Hanie is 100% healthy now. Thanks to all of u for the doa.. me, on the other side, infected with Hanie..nonstop coughing..
How bout my biz? Alhamdulillah... sgt2 memberansangkan! as for now, premium beautiful has a very high demand from customers. due to coming Syawal, people want to look good, my stock is becoming zero. most of customers in the waiting list. some of them i passed to my business partners. Alhamdulillah, tho been struck with bad thing, hanie admitted and all, ada hikmah di sebalik nya. God will reward those who sabar.. business has been easy for me, eventho it wasnt my forte! income keeps on coming.. especially in the condition right now with our company. heard all rumours, afraid of those things. we need the backup plan. and it shud be a long term backup plan, right?
and that's when this business take place. thank God for giving me the chance. with great lifetime waranty product, a very effective and for beauty n health,u will b surprised how much u'll gain from this..
make ur decision to hear the plan, put ur act and betulkan niat help ourselve, to helpour family, our parents..everything will be easy. do not hv 2nd thought to contact me 017-6511966, pm me, whatsapp, email at let me help u for a better future. we do it in group, and we are in the Green leader group.
Note: u cn refer to my leader's entry about the new green leader academy which has been established to help us to grow in business.Green Leader Academy
Bonus RM4500 next month waiting for you!

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