Monday, July 16, 2012

Obesity and Business

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Getting the idea from Shaliza aziz's entry in her blog:
Why doing Premium Beautiful business is easy?

1. Because we are provided with FREE personal coaching, FREE training class, FREE guidance.. It gives us chance to outshine our talent. and everyone in this business starting from ZERO. They learned it and grabbed the chance to be success.

2.TEAMWORK. Like i said, we do it in group. we move in a group. So you wont be left alone. Malay saying : Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh. When we do this business alone, we are not getting enough motivations. but when we do it together, we support one another. All the hard works will be easier if we go through it together.

3. High DEMAND products. Every women will spend when it comes to beauty, and moreover on health! that's why more and more slimming centre emerge into markets nowadays. slimming products also increasing day after day. Premium Beautiful should be worn by every woman, not only for beauty, but 70% towards health. So, dont worry, there'll be a big market for us to reach.

4. Our Quality of health is a big topic now. the quality in decreasing day by day. youngster getting a lot of sickness, obesity and this is when Premium Beautiful with its effectiveness take over. Preventing is a lot better than curing, right?

Obesity is now a major concern in Malaysia, quoted from MCOM (Majlis Cegah Obesiti Malaysia| Malaysian Council For Obesity Prevention) Believe it or not, Malaysia does have that council! proven how serious malaysian's obesity issue.
Overall in ASEAN, Malaysia ranked first on highest percentage of obesity people!
Kadar obesiti di Malaysia tertinggi di kalangan negara ASEAN

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia menduduki tempat pertama di kalangan negara ASEAN dari segi paling ramai rakyatnya memiliki obesiti dan tempat keenam di kalangan negara Asia Pasifik, Dewan Rakyat diberitahu hari ini.
Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, berkata perkara ini perlu diberi perhatian semua pihak. "Kita serius diancam dengan pengambilan gula berlebihan yang menyebabkan pelbagai penyakit termasuklah diabetes," katanya semasa menjawab soalan Dr Tan Seng Giaw (DAP-Kepong).
Dr Tan ingin tahu tahap penggunaan gula berlebihan di Malaysia berbanding negara lain dan tindakan yang diambil kepada sesiapa yang melanggar peraturan yang ditetapkan.
Rosnah berkata, kadar pengambilan gula di kalangan rakyat Malaysia adalah terlalu tinggi iaitu purata 51 gram, melebihi saranan yang ditetapkan oleh Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) iaitu 50 gram.
Katanya, sebanyak 1,266 sampel makanan dianalisis pada 2009 untuk bahan pemanis di mana 7.3 peratus atau 92 sampel didapati melanggar standard yang ditetapkan.
"Manakala pada 2010 sebanyak 2,004 sampel makanan dianalisis di mana 5.4 peratus bersamaan dengan 108 sampel didapati melanggar standard ditetapkan," katanya.
Mengenai tindakan, beliau berkata, selain tindakan mahkamah yang diambil terhadap pihak industri, kerajaan juga mengeluarkan amaran kepada seluruh negara untuk memaklumkan produk yang melanggar Peraturan-peraturan Makanan 1985 yang tidak dibenarkan.
"Tindakan pihak kementerian adalah dengan melaksanakan pengambilan sampel dari semasa ke semasa untuk memastikan makanan yang dijual di pasaran adalah terdiri daripada makanan yang selamat dimakan," katanya. - BERNAMA
Rather than sitting around without anything to do, why not we transform ourselve for a better me, physically fit (healthier) and also mentally positive and more kaching!
Doing part time business while being healthy and being wealthy :)
2 hours per day can generate 4-6 figures income (compared to our current main salary 8 hours per day..and how many figure income is it...)
Come pm me at ; call me at 017-6511966 ; FB me at Airin Diana
and you can change your world - no one can do it, except you

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