Friday, October 2, 2015

It's your 6th Birthday, Lissa Maisarah

Dear Lissa Maisarah,
It is your 6th birthday, and I know how eager are you counting days towards your special day.
You are no longer a baby..

You are a grown princess now.
How i wish I can just stop the time and keep you comel and muncung all the way..
Being a kakak, you have been such a loving sister to your adik, Hanie Myazara.
Especially during her unwell time.
Or during her happy moment
Or during her cheeky hour
You taught her to do stuff
You are an independent girl now
Who loves to pose for me
Or lovingly.
Thank you for being our eye candy.
You are a Princess destined to be a Queen.
Your own Wondrous story has already begun.
Your Once Upon A time starts Now..
Love you with all my heart,
Your Momma 

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